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Dec 03, 2018
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My Mom was looking for an over 55 park for a mobile home she was thinking of buying, and mentioned she was considering Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park in Riverview Florida. I told her to let me check them out first, since I believed my ex girlfriend Eileen Marie Riordan and her ex convict husband Warren Earl Jewell who uses the name "Butch" to conceal his criminal past lived. I contacted the manager of the park Linda Moore, and verified that Eileen Riordan and her husband Warren Earl Jewell did indeed live at 10426 Pleasant Blvd in the park. I asked her if she intentionlly rented to ex convicts who have escaped from prison before, and if she even bothered to do a credit report or a criminal background check before she rented to anyone. She assured that no way would she allow anyone with a Felony criminal record, or evictions and judgements to live there either. I asked her if she would care to see the proof, and made an appointment to see Linda Moore. I then got a call from a man named George, who said he was the owner of Pleasant Living Over 55 Mobile Home Park in Riverview Florida. He assured me that if had someone "fallen through the cracks" of their credit and criminal background check, he would appreciate knowing about it, so he could take action, to protect his residents from someone with a violent criminal history. I asked George" Can someone live in one of your parks, who was sent to Florida State Prison for Grand Larceny, and breaking into an occupied dwelling, and escaped from Prison" ? George told me "No Way", then told me to meet with Linda Moore, his manager, who would take care of it. My ex girlfriend Eileen Marie Riordan was a nurse, until the Florida Board Of Nursing did an emergency suspension, followed by a permanent revocation of her Florida Nursing License. She was tested by the nursing board doctors, and tested positive for prescription drug addiction, as well as unprescribed amphetamine abuse. She was ordered to go into a drug treatment program for Nurses, and has failed to do so. The amazing thing out of all of this is Linda Moore actually Notarized the complaint papers for Eileen Riordan from the nursing board! How the heck she failed to read what she notarized, I also find amazing! I showed, and left with Linda Moore, all my papers proving what I say is true. In fact, she made copies of all of them for herself, and even noted that she recognized her Notary Public stamp on one of them ! My Mom does not like my ex girlfriend Eileen Marie Riordan, and asked me if Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park had done anything about them, so she could consider living there. My Mom is 83 years old, and does not want to live in a over 55 park, where convicted felons or drug abusers are living at. As of this date [protected], nothing has been done, nor do I have any reason to believe Linda Moore will do anything at all. She told me she knew Eileen Riordar and her husband Warren Earl Jewell
It seems to me that Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park for people over 55 talks a good game about doing credit and background checks on all their residents. However, when confronted with positive and easily verifiable proof that they have allowed the very people into their park they claim to keep out, they do absolutely nothing! I will advise my 83 year old Mother to look elsewhere for a safe place to put the Mobile Home she is thinking about buying. I do not want my Mom living in a park close to drug abusers like Eileen Riordan, or convicted felons like her husband Warren Earl (Butch) Jewell, who have escaped from prison in the past.

Fast forward to 11-16-2018, and guess what ? Warren Earl Jewell has had 2 Domestic Battery arrests, and one assault and battery on a female resident as well! He was arrested on Aug 15 2016 for striking his wife Eileen with his fists.
This, and all the violent crimes I am going to document, happened at at 10426 Pleasant Blvd in the Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park.
On November 11-2018 he beat Eileen his wife again, with his fists. And, when the neighbor Donna Samons attempted to save Eileen from being Beaten, Warren Earl Jewell punched her too! He was charged with Battery on Donna Samons, in addition to Domestic Battery on his wife.
Unfortunately. Eileen begged Donna Samons to go with her to the Hillsborough County States Attorney's Office, to have the charges dropped on her Husband. The States Attorney had little choice but to drop all the charges, since they needed the testimony of both Donna Samons and Eileen Riordan Jewell, to convict Warren Jewell of his crimes. Linda, the manager of Pleasant Living was made aware of the violent criminal past of Warren Jewell back in 2014, as well as the owner of the park, George. Perhaps the beatings Eileen suffered at the hands of her husband could not have been prevented, but the assault on Donna Samons could have been prevented, had the management and ownership of Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park acted to rid the Park of this Criminal.
Here are the case numbers for these crimes

Defendant Birth Date: 09/16/1963 CLOSED 2018-11-13 MISDEMEANOR $0.00

If I were the owners of Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park, I would pray that Donna Samons does not seek out a Lawyer, and file suit against them for negligence. After all, they were warned about the violent criminal past of Warren Jewell, and failed to act, to protect their residents. I cannot recommend this Mobile Home Park as a place to live for my Mom, or anyone else, based on these facts.

violent criminals living there
violent criminals living there

  • Updated by Chris G Tucker · Dec 03, 2018

    Sorry, The correct address is 10406 Pleasant Blvd Riverview, Florida 33569 NOT 10426

  • Updated by Chris G Tucker · Dec 03, 2018

    The correct address is 10406 Pleasant Blvd, not 10426, sorry for the typo error.

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