Online Quick DropThat just screams FRAUD


Please be aware of a Scam where you find an item on Kijiji or Ebay and are asked by the "seller" (the seller is actually an individual associted with the fraudulent company) to go to a "middle man" (the fraudulent company) who has the item at their warehouse (which doesn't exist). You are asked to go to the middle man's website such as in my case was Online quick drop to deposit money into their bank account. Once they have the money you are then supposed to get the item delivered to your house and have ten days to return it for a full refund. The catch it that once you deposit your money you never here from these people again and the item you bought is never delivered to your house. Once they steal enough money from people they change the name of the company and website and move on. There is no phone numbers on these websites and the addresses they list are all bogus. They also give tips on the website about how to avoid fraud, what a joke! These people are good at building a website! and they are scamming people out of alot of money. Never buy anything you can't see first or where you are asked to put money into a bank account. That just screams FRAUD!!!

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