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M Sep 04, 2018

I had seen what was purported to be an ESPN reporter interviewing a pro athelete who endorsed the product Test Troxin. I did not order online because in the past I had the bad experience of being signed up for subscriptions when I thought I was getting a free trial. Instead, I called the toll free number to order. Before placing an order, I asked outright if the trial would enroll me in a subscription. The representative assured me that there would be no subscription and no additional shipments. So I agreed to the trial. At no point were there any terms and conditions supplied.

AT that point, I had second thoughts. I am a cancer survivor and my doctor has warned me about taking supplements without his approval as many can be carcinogenic.

So I googled the product and the reporter name hoping to get more information. I was horrified to learn that the whole thing was a scam. There was no such person ever working at ESPN, the endorsement was phony and and that I was likely to be billed in full for the product.

I decided immediately to cancel the product. I didn't remember the number I had called so I checked my credit card online. Second surprise: there were two changes, not one. I tried both phone numbers listed on the charges and both disconnected.

Then I contacted my credit card company and attempted to dispute the charges. I explained that I had attempted to contact the seller but the phone numbers were not operational. They were less than helpful with the dispute but did put me through to the fraud department and opened a case.

When the item arrived a few days later, I opened the package and checked the invoice looking for a phone number to get return instructions. It also disconnected. But there was an email and I sent a message requesting return instructions.

Fortunately they did reply. They informed me that I was signed up for a subscription to both products (I only ordered a free trial of one). But if I returned the items at my own expense they would cancel my subscription and I would not be billed further.

I guess my quick action may have saved me much grief at only a small cost. But these charlatans lied and misrepresented their product and terms a every opportunity. And it seems that they have been running this scam for some time, changing product names and phony celebrity endorsements.

They need to be stopped.

ordered a free trial of a supplement called Test Trox over the phone.

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