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RE: unresolved incorrect billing of price lock package/ Incorrect and inconsistent information

Device number A100402922

I am using this manner of communication, because no other way has worked so far. I'm expressing my disappointment and disgust in dstv for their lack of handling this matter.
I was called by DSTV about the price lock package, which I immediately expressed interest in. Because it was a special that was available for a curtain amount of time, I hurried in initiating it.

We received our unit via post on the 19th of August 2017, but there was no installation voucher included. I then enquired about the voucher from Dstv, and it was told to me that there are no more vouchers.
I was not prepared to install the device without a voucher as agreed to before.
I then called again and it was told to me that there are still vouchers for installation.
My wife then called again afterwards were it was told that we should pay the installation ourselves and it was for our own cost.
Thereafter I called again and it was told to us that the installer has to do the installation, and then claim it back from Dstv. At this point we were totally confused.

In the interim our television broke, and we had to wait to get a new television before we could install.
The beginning of September an amount of R2200, 00 was deducted from my account. I immediately called, and after complaining, they reversed it the next day.
I was not explained what exactly it was for, and no one called me back after that occurrence.

I asked specifically for them to call me back the following day, but no one did. I wanted to get behind all this nonsense and find out what the cause was. There was no billing information, of what was going to be taken from my account, and what more hard to understand is that the device was still in its box. It was not installed.

The few weeks went by and my TV just goes off. I had to pay R874, 00 from my account to switch it on again. Also, no one still didn't explain the previous mistake.
Anyway, at the end of the month I buy a new TV, and called an installer to do the installation. I paid for it, because I didn't seem to get any correct information from DSTV at all.
I then call for the decoders to be merged and set up at home. By the way, we called and asked for an accredited installer, and received a number of someone to call. Afterwards it was discovered that we should have used him.

The next Monday I get a deduction of R3171, 00 from my account. I called in on many occasions but seem to get different explanations from different people. I was also told that I was not supposed to pay the installation. I could still not believe the utter [censor] that these people where talking to me. I spend on average 30minutes on the phone, every time I need to explain something to the consultant at my cost. MY contract cellphone airtime was exhausted at one point trying to call DSTV, day after day.

No one has called me back since my last call, last week to DTSV, while they have promised to call me back. I feel unappreciated and taken advantage off.
I have but to wonder what amount of money is going to be deducted next month. It is quite clear that DSTV is not willing to refund me moneys rightfully, or to resolve this matter in any way.

I have no choice but to initiate a litigation process

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