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We paid $2400 for a hotel in Puerto Rico for Dec. 2017; we only found out that the hotel was cancelled when we called on October 9th to check if the hotel would be operating, and they said "oh, we were planning on emailing you about the cancellation." Because our vacation was now cancelled we asked for a refund, and they refused! They cancelled our vacation but it's our fault for not getting Travel Insurance?! Does that make sense? The only solution they had was to try to book us somewhere else (and if it was less than the $2400, well they keep what is left); so WE have to try to find flights to a different location, and if we don't want to then too bad, we don't get our money back!! Oh, and speaking with Mr. Morganson (the CEO) about this, his response was "if you want your money back then take me to court!" He is rude, disrespectful, and obnoxious! This is how they treat their members!!! We have already lodged complaints and are looking into doing as Mr. Morganson asked: taking them to court!

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