Goodwill Employeevery rude and unprofessional

R Aug 02, 2018

I shop frequently at the Goodwill by my house, I have never had any issues with any of the workers as a matter of fact I met one of my closest friends while she was working at Goodwill. Unfortunately the turn around is a bit high but the new workers are usually really friendly. I am an account manager for over 30 providers and have gotten many compliments on my clothing and shoes & I always tell them what wonderful bargains I find at Goodwill even a few of their wives have gone. Well on Monday July 30 at about 7:45 p.m. I decided to stop in to browse real quick before closing mind you I'm a fast browser, and as usual they made announcements 10 min, 7 min and 4 min to say they were closing and bring items to register. I was bent down looking at pencils and heard a worker say "You know you only have 2 min" at first I didn't acknowledge her because I thought man that was rude but when I looked up she was looking right at me so I responded "Yeah and?" She then rolled her eyes and just stood there. There were other people in the store so why she singled me out is anyone's guess. Now what made send this was not only for that but what happened the very next day when my best friend went in there and got an earful on how I wouldn't let them close that I'm gonna end up shutting Goodwill down, my friend was disgusted mainly because she had already known what had happened. I donate a lot to Goodwill and although I am just one person I will continue submitting complaints until somebody does something so that no one else has to deal with rude incompetent individuals like that woman.

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