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I booked tickets for four people (business trip for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality) for the FC Barcelona/Eibar match which was originally advertised on the FC Barcelona website to take place on the 21 Sep 2017.

The match got scheduled to take place on 19 Sep 2017, and as we were international travellers who were flying on the evening of the 19 Sep 2017 we could not attend. We duly notified the FC Barcelona but were told that there was nothing that could be done as the website clearly showed that the match was still to be scheduled.

Tickets were issued, paid for and printed with the date of the match being 21 Sep 2017!!!

We believe that this is unfair commercial practice as the tickets should not have been sold to us in the first place, irrespective of scheduling.

We also believe that this practice of holding onto consumer's money where they did not receive the service/experience paid for (with due notice given that we were not able to make the new scheduled time that we only arrive in Barcelona (from South Africa) on 20 Sep 2017) is against the Spanish and EU Consumer Protection laws.

All the relevant information has been provided to FC Barcelona. Can you please confirm how we would get refunded for these tickets and what detail is required.

I confirm the following:
- I booked four tickets through the Barcelona
- Date of transaction - 23/08/2017;
- Reference number / Authorisation Code - FUTBOL CLUB BA5223630000653042
- Transaction amount / R-5, 535.58 (Euro 344).
- Card used - Nedbank Card Department / American Express Gold Card.

Yours sincerely
Justin Jones
Planet Earth Properties
Email: [protected]
Cell: +[protected]

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