Dr. Russ MorrowPoor Service


Dr. Morrow is the type of dentist who feels, because he is the dentist, he gets to make all the decisions for you and your body, especially when it means he will make more money. I went to Dr. Morrow for several visits where he often failed to explain his diagnosis. On my initial visit, he took a full set of x-rays and did not diagnosis any problem areas. A month later when I went in for my cleaning, Dr. Morrow said I needed a root canal. I was surprised as I would have thought that a root canal need would have been visible a month prior. During the root canal, Dr. Morrow was very busy with other patients and let me sit too long with the lidocaine. In the middle of the procedure, I noticed a significant amount of pain and told Dr. Morrow. He refused to stop and refused to give me more pain killer. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and have never cried at a doctors office prior to this experience. When I asked for an explanation as to why he didn't stop or give me more meds, he stated that he is OK with inflicting pain on a patient when he knows what he is doing will make them better. This was not his choice to make. Ironically, when seeing a different dentist, he said the xrays showed no sign of a root canal only a crown on what appeared to be a broken tooth. While I am not sure what happened in this case, Dr. Morrow is not to be trusted in my opinion and I definitely would not recommend him to family or friends.

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