World Wide Stone - Durango Stonemisrepresentation of product

We are a importer of natural stone products. We had placed an order with this company out of AZ in October 2014 anticipating the order would be expedited in a timely fashion which it was not. In addition to taking the order in Oct they insisted on a deposit of 50% to which we refused and agreed to $2000. total of order was 10K. We had been provided sample boards and brochures on the product from World Wide Stone when ordering this golden/cream travertine cladding. We inquired about the material in early Dec and to its whereabouts but we were only given excuses WHEN our calls were returned. Reasons: the material is delayed, not supplied from factory, lost in shipping and so on. Finally a week later it was indicate the material had arrived and was ready for shipping to Canada at a cost of $2K. NOTE* that prior to the material being complete we were contacted no less than on10 occasions for collection $$ of the balance of the order. Finally the material was ready for shipping or so we thought a pallet was missing though nothing had been mentioned by WWS! When the material arrived in Winnipeg it was damaged due to packaging and the material that was represented as being golden cream with slight soft color variation was PINK, WHITE, ORANGE AND GREY - no GOLDEN. When we contacted WWS no one would take or return our calls. After forwarding pictures that were blatantly obviously that the material was wrong it was told to us a week later that we received what we ordered. With no recourse through our credit card company we have been saddled with WWS leftover mix of materials. BUYER BEWARE - if you give this company your up front there is no controlling what they send - and their attitude is such that they don't care - as they have your money. We would be please to give further details on this company and their business practices so that you don't make the same mistakes we did. Most recently they are now contacting our customer trying to directly sell to them. Distributors and Dealers stay away. Retail customers BEWARE - there are other options out there for this material. Don't take the chance of being caught with the short end of the stick.

Feb 10, 2015

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