Valu Clean Cleaners / Switched suit jacket

1 150 Main Street, Succasunna, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 973-927-2090

My wife took one of my suits to be pressed. We have been customers of this dry cleaner for over 10 years. When my suit was picked up and we got it home, we realized the jacket did not match the pants. My wife and I both went back with the suit (at separate times) and spoke with the owner, Sung Lee.

Sung Lee said we switched jackets because the tags on the jacket and pants match and there is no way they could have made a mistake. The fact is the jacket is not mine and they have another customer who will eventually realize that they too have the wrong jacket. In the meantime, Mrs. Lee will do absolutely nothing to help. She is convinced we are trying to cheat her. I asked her to look through all of the tickets dated around the time the suit was brought in and look for another back suit. Again, she refused, telling me the tickets match and we must be trying to pull a switch.

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