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Shane Latham is a liar/thief and con artist. He has still not returned the goods a year later!!!

I just wanted to contact you briefly. We are a live event and video
production facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have noticed that you have
accepted a position with LAGTv. I am writing you to provide you with some
information regarding the producer of that show. Mr. Shane Latham started
LAGTv in his garage in Knoxville, TN. We agreed as a company to lend Mr.
Latham some equipment on a temporary basis including audio gear and
specialty chroma-key equipment until he could get his project off the
ground. Our agreement was that he would purchase any future equipment
through our company in exchange for use of the equipment. For many months
now, we have requested our equipment to be returned as no purchases were
made from us, but rather from online dealers to avoid paying taxes.
Mr. Latham also represented that he had a business partner and investor, Mr.
Ron Simpson from Play-N-Trade. Mr. Simpson dissolved the LLC within a few
weeks in August. He stated to me in a phone conversation that there were
misrepresentations by Mr. Latham.
We had found Mr. Latham to be very untruthful and dishonest. We have sworn
out warrants for Mr. Latham and his wife Dana Latham. They stole several
thousand dollars worth of equipment from us and it appears now have
transported it across the country. We are pursuing all legal avenues
including a visit with the Federal Prosecutor's office next week. I am
writing just to make you aware of the situation and advise you to proceed
with caution. After speaking with all of the show hosts in Knoxville, not a
single one of them received any promised wages or compensation for their



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