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Texas Securities Enforcement Division / Joe Rotunda

1 Austin, TX, United States

Joe Rotunda Tells Texas Fraud Victims to “stop calling” Texas Securities and “to lose their number”
Austin, Texas April 27, 2015
In an unprecedented move, the Texas State Securities’ Enforcement Division’s Director, Joe Rotunda, has instructed his agents to tell victims of Texas based securities fraud to “stop calling” them and to “lose their number”!
This comes on the heels of Texas Securities’ Enforcement Division’s documented attempts to covertly aid Charles Couch and Couch Oil in evading prosecution in early 2014. Joe Rotunda and Jay Oman, Rotunda’s Deputy Director, decided, that despite 70 documented complaints outlining hundreds of individual securities and criminal allegations, to not pursue Charles Couch.
A United States Senator and a former Texas Representative stepped in on behalf of the fraud victims and forced Texas Securities to turn the complaint over to the SEC, who immediately filed 54 securities complaints against Charles Couch and Couch Oil.
There are thousands of complaints languishing in the files of Texas Securities’ Enforcement Division for years, thus intentionally allowing the statutes of limitations to expire.
Now, in his cloak of secrecy, Joe Rotunda, Director of the Enforcement Division can now protect his agency from the inquiries of victims of Texas based fraud while simultaneously providing a “safe haven” for the extremely wealthy and influential con-men responsible for millions, if not billions, of illegally obtained money pouring into Texas via a massive money laundering operation complements of Texas based banks.
It is our sincere belief that when Joe Rotunda intentionally cuts off communication to the victims of Texas based securities fraud, thus further victimizing them, and after his documented attempts to cover-up his participation in what certainly appears to be the attempted harboring of Charles Couch, one must ask why?
Let us review. Joe Rotunda, a paid government employee, who could not make it as a Texas attorney, who will not pursue current suspected felons, holds complaints until the statute of limitations expire thus allowing alleged felons to go free and will not speak with the victims.
Could such an individual be suspected of being “bought” by multi-millionaire Texas swindlers?
Several Texas newspapers and Texas Legislatures have asked for our documented evidence for review. They are being provided as this blog goes to launch.
Meanwhile, the Texas State Securities Board, its Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and its Enforcement Director have all refused to comment on questions regarding their documented inability or lack of desire to find even one offense involving Charles Couch, when the SEC found 54 reasons to bring him to justice.

Apr 27, 2015

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