Telkom / Openserve / adsl sync and disconnect

this was 1st Ref nr: [protected] .. second Ref nr: ref nr:[protected] and escalation nr 1113608

i wish Telkom / Openserve can do their work properly .. i logged a call on 6 June 2018 ( my issue started before that ) my adsl line keeps losing sync every 20 - 30 min .. when logging the fault was another story .. issue is you get a msg to say fault resolve and case close yet it is actually worse now . and best is if they start telling you old copper cable wont work with new hardware they install at dslam / exchange not my problem .. fix old cable or bring fibre but dont come with bull**** .. im in the IT industry for 25years and wont log a call if its needed .. i have change my hardware etc still .. SO FIX MY STUFF -- and stop telling me distance **** have this telkom line for 5 years +, , house have not move same distance as before ..

Jun 10, 2018

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