Silverconnect website designFailure to provide services promised and paid for

Siverconnect Web Design contacted me in September 2014, promising me that the would design a great website for me and post it to every social media site. They are horrible. It is now February 2015 and I still can't find it on line. It took over 2 weeks for them to get the spelling of my name correct. I wrote all the text for the site, however they kept having typos that constantly mended correction when I looked at what they were doing. I had to tell them where to place things on the site; photos; text; etc. I was not able to access anything on the site in order to edit and make necessary corrections, that needed to be made. This made the process excruciatingly slow because I had to either e-mail them or try to reach them by phone and wait for a reply regarding changes or corrections. After almost 4 months it finally looks good. They own the domain name and I paid them in advance for everything; including site being put on all social media sites. When I looked for my site I had to go through every city in N.Y.S. (i.e. Albany, Buffalo, Bronx, etc.) When I looked in Manhattan, where my office is, I was not listed. I requested that my site be changed from therapist (and all variations) in New York to downtown Manhattan, N.Y.C.. I was told this would take another 3 0r 4 months to launch. I tried to access my website and received message saying my IP address was wrong, and I could not access my own site. I requested that they e-mail a copy of my we site to someone who could make referrals to me. I had to call them the next day and demand it be sent. They wanted too much information about the person I wanted it sent to, and I think they sent sent it with a very personal and inappropriate e-mail. So, here I am in February 2015, with no website on any social media site, and will not have it posted until possibly June of this year, I have an office, business cards, insurance and everything else necessary to get my business started, BUT, i don't have a web site that I've already paid for. I asked them if they are high school kids. They said no. Probably true, since if I'd hired a high school kid I probably wold have had it done months ago. Do not use them. They are incompetent

Jan 31, 2015

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