Sensi PearlCondemnation: Racism, Bigotry, Color Prejudice and Discrimination

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Sensi Pearl who is from California and who also happens to be an adult entertainer or adult performer is someone who is well deserving of being noted as an extremely condemned racist entertainer. Sensi Pearl deserves this label very much for the fact that she is indeed a blatant racist individual. Her racism and her prejudice have been seen especially against those who are nonwhite or non-Caucasian namely those who are African-American males in particular. In her "profession" she has in fact demonstrated racist discrimination against African-American males by stubbornly refusing to work with them because of the color and content of their skin. This is clear racist bigotry for which Sensi Pearl must be denounced and severely condemned for.

The purpose of this complaint is to permanently expose how corrupt Sensi Pearl happens to be as a racist bigot. This is correct to do so in Sensi Pearl's case. Racism and bigotry and prejudice and hate cannot be allowed to go unchallenged or allowed to not receive the strongest condemnation and the strongest disapproval for it. Again to reiterate it must again be stated that Sensi Pearl strongly deserves this disapproval of her because color prejudice and color racism that Sensi Pearl operates with must always be seriously and severely chastised along with the person who also practices it.

Jan 09, 2015
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      Mar 11, 2015

    Attention: the author (Regardless as to what transpires) does not and will not give his permission for there to be a resolution of this matter. Due to the actions of the individual in question that individual remains permanently condemned.

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