Pressler And Pressler, L.L.P. / froze my checking (Levy)

1 Parsippany, NJ, United States
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They claim I owe a debt from 97 on a credit card with no proof and put a levy on bank account. 7500$ they froze 1700$ on my account they have family in bergen County supreme court so they are able to get away with manipulating the law and do unethical practices. I never received a subpoena in which how they win most of the cases. I'm told that not receiving the summons to appear is grounds enough to overturn the default. When you call them they got paralegals doing their dirty work who don't have a fkn clue about what your talking to them about. I submitted a complaint with FTA but I noticed a ton of complaints against these crooks and yet nothing is getting done against this fraud their commit against the working poor. My rent check bounced cause of them thank god i made the rent in time.

Pressler And Pressler, L.L.P.

Aug 10, 2016

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