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Pfser / My Tetracyclie Stained Teeth.

1 129 Avian Drive, #AVallejo, CA, United States
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My name is Dana M. Scruggs. I was born in 1958. Our family doctor ordered tetracycle for me and my siblings. This was in the early 1960's! All of us have tetracycle stained teeth. School was extremely difficult. I never went to any of the school functions because I was too embarrassed to ask someone to go with me because of my dark yellow teeth. I always kept to myself. If I smiled (even just a little bit) I would cover my smile with my hands. I avoided school photographs. I avoided mirrors. I isolated a great deal because of my stained teeth. Originally, tetracycle was developed by Ciba Geigy. Their experiments with tetracycle and test animals revealed that Ciba Geigy knew what would happen to pregnant womens' babies or young children whose permanent teeth had not t come in yet! They KNEW!!! Yet, they failed to convey this message to consumers! As a child, I tried putting bleach on one tooth . . . but it did not work. You see, the staining is in the dentin . . . not the enamel. You can brush your teeth until your gums bleed but if you have tetracycline stained teeth you already know this. I cannot afford "cosmetic" dentistry. My health insurance will not pay for crowns or veneers. I had veneers put on my upper teeth. Then I had the lower teeth bleached. I had the veneers match the bleached lower teeth. I did not get regular crowns because I did not want to lose more of my tooth structure than I had to. I need to have my teeth redone. I have already spent thousand of dollars on products that whiten teeth . . . but to no avail. To this day, I do n ot date at all. I am too embarrassed to ask anyone out. I live alone, just me and my dog Taz. I still cry from time to time about my stained teeth. What happened to me ruined my life. Dana M. Scruggs

Apr 27, 2015

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