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I have been a good customer of OUC since 2008. I've had my payments set up to be automatically withdrawn from my bank account since the start. I changed banks a couple of months ago and immediately went through and reset all my accounts for auto payment as soon as I opened it OUC was one of them. I admit I received an email only letting me know that setting up the auto pay could take 30 to 60 days to activate for OUC but I get so much junk and other mail some how I over looked it. I never received a phone call or a text to let me know the account was over due.

Last night my husband arrived home very late from work to find the power had been turned off. I am living out of town for several months and could not help him. He had to drive to a Publix at 10 pm at night to pay the bill along with a $65 reconnect fee cash only. And this morning when I went on line to check the status of the account I saw that we have been moved to a cash only status for 24 months now because of this. I'm very upset as to the fact that we have been good customers for 8 years and that we have no other utility option. We are forced now to go to a Publix monthly and pay them cash to pay our power bill like children because of a bank change and a mix up and lack of comminication! They even provide water to our home so we would still be stuck with them if we had solar! Not fair to have a monopoly like this!

Apr 04, 2017

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