LPG Distributor For Indane / Delay in Delivery and malpractice

1 Kolkata, India

Extremely delay in delivery for the refill of LPG (Indane). My case is not an isolated case, and whenever I go to the distributor, I see many people with the same complaints, that they are not getting delivery for the refill. Many times, I have seen, people, who have booked it later date could manage because they know some who's who among the distributors.
Everytime, I book, like this time online on 3rd jan-2015, it shows its delivered by 7th jan as in online, but this is 9th February and we have not received it yet.
What it leads to is, when we dont have filled cylinder and still we badly need to get one, as the one we ordered, has not delivered yet, we go and ask the guy ( who carry the cylinders on the thela/carrier) to manage it, and he asks [protected] /- . So, the actual motto is of PAHAL is not getting satisfied.
Moreover, the carrier will always ask for tips, and the way, as if its his due plus if u dont give, u wont get it when required or he will delay it unnecessarily.
These practices should stop.
My consumer # CX7715801
[protected] is the order no

Feb 8, 2015

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