Kroger Warsaw Aveunprofessional security

On 12/8/2018 I came into this location to do what I consider a quick pick up although in this store it is generally hit/miss so I was expecting a wait of some kind. I navigated the store in a relatively fast pace and proceeded to go to the lines which were back up so I went to self checkout which was also long but moving at a good pace. There was a young lady that was being courteous enough to not stand in the flow of traffic with her cart, when 2 other ladies walked up and asked for the end of the line to which a response was given and a conversation began out customers being courteous enough to ask and not break the line. At that time another customer proceeded to do just that he saw some friends checking out walked up and began to have a conversation in Spanish handed off his item and began to give money for them to pay and that's when an argument began. I told the cashier working self checkout that the guy was breaking the line to which she replied "I'm not getting into it" I heard them call for security over the P.A. to which "Rick" the security guard and a female manager came over.I began to explain the situation. While explaining the situation with several of the other patrons that witnessed the encounter "Rick" walked up in an aggressive manner yelling and screaming very unprofessional escalating the shouting match not listening to what had happened prior to his being involved just listening to one party although several people were telling him what caused the very tense environment. I understand the security is need to kept the peace and this store has a problem but respect should not be put aside because of location or class of people that shop at this location. "Rick" needs some de-escalation training for the next situation before someone gets hurt. And employees need to be more willing to step up and follow the rules not just push it aside as if oh well that's the culture I'm just here for my paycheck customer service comes last.

Dec 08, 2018

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