King Soopers Bergen Parkbakery 50% discount after 5pm

Long time shopper at King Soopers (Kroger) since the 1960's, I had a Negative Experience at the Bergen Park location near Evergreen CO last Friday evening. The Donuts, Pastry Special for 50% off after 5pm in the Bakery which has been going on at King Soopers Stores, I picked out 4 Donuts and took them to the Self Checkout Stand, after typing in your Sooper Card Id for the discount, there is a Code that the Courtesy Clerk needs to type in, she could not do it, she calls the General Manager for help on this, he came over and instead of helping he starts arguing that he does not know of the Donuts, Pastry 50% off Special after 5pm and will do nothing to investigate the situation further, the total discount price after 50% off the Donuts would have been 1 dollar and some change, I left the Donuts there and the General Manager took them aware that he just lost a purchase because of his attitude, but he did not seam to care, the Courtesy Clerk was not trained on how to work with these situations either

Jun 03, 2018

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