Kahians Inc. / Gas N Grocery scam

1 96 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 508-746-4670

In May of '09 my wife and I bought a mattress at Kahians only because of an ad they ran promoting $500 in Gas & Groceries back when a purchase is made of $500 or more. We paid almost $600. for a mattress set. We registered to get this promotion only to find out that Value Buzz (VB), the company fulfilling the promotion, filed for bankruptcy. On June 9, I called Kahians to complain about this. They told me that they were aware of this and that they were working with another company to try to resolve this problem. They would notify all of the customers effected. I have a couple of family tragedies happen that made me lose focus of this problem. Today, Nov. 15, 2010, I called to find out what ever happened. I was told by Marcy that the owner, Steve, said that there is noting they could do because company VB went bankrupt and they had nothing to do with it. That the promotion was really run by Serta. This is a lie as I have the original ad placed by Kahians! The purchase could be made on any brand mattress...not only Serta meaning that this promotion was sponsored by Kahians!.

Kahians Inc.

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