JSN Motors / "Highly Tuned AC Schnitzer"

I purchased a "Highly Tuned AC Schnitzer" X5 BMW from JSN Motors in Sandton in 2014. Last year, when I took the car for its first service, I was surprised to find out that it was not tuned AT ALL. Nothing. After confronting JSN Motors and BMW, the only thing they offered was to put the tuning in now . I demand a full refund for the car because this is a case of Fraud. It was written that it was "Highly Tuned AC Schnitzer" but was not. I spent a year driving a fraudulent vehicle. I warned them that I will blast this case all of the internet ( social media ect) multiple times and they barely reacted.
So here I am, check the YouTube video I created. It shows the proof of my allegation.

What would any of you do in my position? Would you react the same?

Mar 03, 2016

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