Iron City Ford / my 2007 ford f150

1 9924 Parkway East Birmingham Alabama 35215, United States

I took my 2007 Ford F150 to Iron City Ford and told the service department that it was running sluggish. Dustin Shears the service manager at the time told me that I needed a new motor and transmission. I told him that I had my transmission replaced by The Car Guys Automotive Shop in Trussville Alabama about a year and a half ago. I told him that a technician at O'Reilly Automotive Parts put the diagnostic machine on my truck and told me that it was misfiring. When I called to get an update he would say that he would call me back. When I go buy the shop he tells me they are working on it. So I waited a few weeks I call back and Dustin was no long there. Joel Anderson was the new service manager. So I talked with him and George the assistant manager. I was informed by Joel Anderson, the manager who told me that he had to clean house because the service technicians or services managers were over charging the customers. He told me that Iron City Ford and another dealership were two of the dealerships over charging customers. So I told George and Joel that my transmission had been replaced. Buy that time my truck has been taken apart and they going buy the paper work that had been created. So I would call George and get the run around. When I would go buy he shop he would say we are working on it. This went on for weeks. One day I called this was over a month later George tells me that my truck would be ready on Friday. Then he told me that my truck was a Sparattlin Brothers Junkyard so I asked him what was my truck doing at the Junkyard he said that is where they bought the motor and transmission from. I took my truck to a Ford dealership because I trusted Ford. My trust has been broken. I have purchased two Ford trucks over the years and I was planning on buying another one. Iron City Ford did the same thing Joel Anderson said he fired Justin Shears for. By charging me 6126.00 on 10/29/18 after having my truck sense August, 10 2018. Now today 1, 30 2019 after paying 6126.00 my truck broke down this morning on my way to work. I know that me being an average customer with no power I might not be of much importance. But average customers in volume buy a lot of Ford products. I think I will have to tell my story to the media just so the little guy can be heard. My name is Derric A. Moore 108 Red Lane Circle Birmingham Alabama 35215. [protected][protected]. Thanks for your time.

Jan 30, 2019

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