Glowworm — Poor service

As an engineer I was told there was a 9 day wait for a pcb but was told it would be quicker to have thier fixed fee service ad engineers carry actually worked out cheaper so I agreed... The engineer turned up and spent 4 hrs changing a pcb after being unable to marry the boards and breaking a connection... He finally bodged it to get it going but it broke down 1 day later... I called Glowworm but they refused to send someone until the system had been power flushed as he said it had contaminated water... And I know that it's not because it's been flushed already and had chemical treatment...
How is it that, even if it was contaminated, it affects electrical components they think I'm stupid... The engineer didn't even take a water sample to send for analysis
I work as a technical engineer myself and know what I'm talking about and I also know the tricks that insurers and manufacturers use to get out of doing repairs
I would NEVER EVER recommend a Vaillant or Glowworm boiler to anyone... After being treated like this it's atrocious and I've wasted £300

Jan 24, 2015

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