Frank Fanelladeadbeat father, alcoholic

It is very hard to say this, but my father, Frank Fanella, is a deadbeat parent and an alcoholic. He pretty much ignores court-ordered alimony payment, always making up excuses. I am grown now, but my mother, Claire, still has to raise my younger brother and sister. He abuses family and personal connections that he has in courts, pays off government officials under the table and will go to any extent to breaking the law to get his way. Of course it all catches up with him and the whole family pays the price. He takes payments in cash, does not report it on tax returns and then acts all angry and surprised when the IRS nails him down because of his lavish life style. Now my poor mother has to deal with this too, since the IRS makes her responsible for the jointly filed returns. She had no idea. Now, my father is getting into drug dealing with another black sheep of the family - Dominic Thompson in Florida, who has already been convicted of drug trafficking. I don’t know what else to do to stop this insanity.
Noelle Fanella

Jan 12, 2015

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