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I am writring this complaint purely out of frustration and anger on how I have been treated by Frame It Utah, & the owners Patty Cornwall & her husband Jim Cornwall. If you read on their website their motto says " FAST - CREATIVE - AFFORRDABLE ".

I drpped off 3 pieces in September 2014 for Frame it to complete. I had already used them 3 times on other NFL jerseys, and although they were pricey they were done well. The first 2 pieces were 2 feet by 3 feet and conatined 5X7 phtographs froma charity event. The piece they prepared took over 2 and 1/2 months to complete & contained Gray matting ( $20 at michaels) and a silver plastic frame. ( nothing custom or extreme) The charge was $450 each!!! $937.20 for both pieces despite being delayed, i wasnt pleased with the cost, the delay, and understood the high mark up they had charged me as the materials cots less than $100. That being said i made no fuss and paid in full and left a si didnt have a choice.

Patty apologized about not having the 3rd piece done depite in already being 2 1/2 months passed but told me it would be done in a week. Well 1 weeks turned into another 2 months, thats when i recieved the call from Patty that the 3rd piece was complete. I asked Patty " What kind of discount would i be receiveing considering it has been over 4 months. She said " Well the charge is $850, but i will give it to you for $650".

I gasped $650!!! for a 3 foot by 2 foot frame with matting? WTF? I cant pay that thats $200 more that the 2 other pieces i just paid for? I expalined to her that that $650 for something this small was crazy expensive & that I'd rather just come get my stuff. Please remove my stuff from the piece so i can have someone else complete the peice for a more reasonable price.

Patty responded "No & you cant have your stuff until you pay us"! and if you dont pay us within 30 days we will sell your stuff on KSL or Ebay.

My piece contaned items from the 2014 Masters Tounament including 4 signed golf balls: Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Fred Couples & Phil Mickelson. a signed Masters Flag, News clippings from augusta national and pics...needless to say priceless memories for me.

I was stuck.. so showed up the next day and asked to pick up my stuff. Patty was there, she got my piece and brought me my my surprise the price had gone up...It now said $700...Patty said oh yea, you gotta pay for the name plates. Should i really be surpirsed?

I told Patty " That i was very dissapointed with the way i had been treated, having waited 4 1/2 months for my pieces, being over charged, and even having the price upped in 12 hours by $50. This was all after i had already spent close to $5, 000 with their company on other pieces. I explained that they clearly did not value my business & that i would pay my bill and go elsewhere, but that i would certainly be telling my story to others about their business practice.

Wihin 1 hour JimCornwall calls me on the phone and leaves me a message and demands that i call him. I do, he insists that i come to the shop and apologize to his wife. That i need to tell her she did a good job and make her feel better or else he and i would have issues. I told Mr. Jim cornwall that it is my opinon that I was not satisfied with the absurd pricing, the ridicuous delays, and more importantly that he is calling me demanding that i return to apologize. I am the one not happy here...?

He wanted to hear nothing about it, This business is clearly all about them...The CORNWALL FAMILY & ITS PROFIT!!! Jim never even asked how he could make it better it was all about him.

I will never do busniness with this company again as they clearly do not live up to their Motto Above.. That being said if you do decide to do business with FRAME IT OF UTAH here are some KEY TIPS TO USE:

1. GET AN EXACT START AND FINISH DATE: If i would have had this, i could have asked for a discount for every day or week that passed.

2. GET AN EXACT QOUTE UPFRONT: I believe this company preys on popping the huge bill on you after the job is complete. at that point they have your stuff and your stucj to just pay it.
3. SHOP AROUND: This business is ridiculously overpriced!! I took my piece to all of the places below and all of the qoutes to re create the piece were between $300-$500. I clearly over paid by atleast $200!!! FRAME SHOPS: MICHAELS (sugarhouse) - Joes Trophy - Mcgees Stamp & Trophy

Frame It Utah - Overpriced - Terrible Service

Feb 7, 2015

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