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Federal Suppliers Guide / Beware of the scam

1 United States

GSA1000 aka Fema Today, Countryside Publishing, Federal Suppliers Guide. Is a total scam of a company. This company deserves to be shut down and legal action should be taken against them. FederalSuppliers Guide should be ashamed at the way they have taken from communities and to small businesses. We defy any business who says any different about their products and services. They have harmed countless people.

Basically the way this hoax of a company, actually a group of companies, (FEMA Today, GSA 1000, Countryside Publishing, Federal suppliers...Only a sham needs that many names) goes about their business; they publish a fake directory full of ads of flimflam or scammed companies telling them that these nationwide directories must be sent out to FEMA Procurement officers. These companies hope to one day receive a call from FEMA or other GVMT agencies in order to supply their products and services.

Countless resources have been pulled away from viable interest of communities because of their deceitful schemes.

GSA1000 doesn't have any alliance with FEMA. I personally researched this, not to mention contacted The Federal Emergency Management Agency, although regretfully not soon enough.

It's a shame that a company like this is allowed use FEMA, an agency that is such a great asset to this country in times of disaster, to take advantage of unknowing people for their financial gain.

If you or anyone you know comes across any of these names, "FEMA TODAY", "COUNTRYSIDE PUBLISHING", "GSA 1000", "FEDERAL SUPPLIERS GUIDE"

Beware of the scam!!


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