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In 2012 we moved from west Canada to the east side of Canada. Before we moved we went into the Servus Union ban, (to our bank manager) to provide them our new address. This change of address was for the our personal account, business account and the Mastercard. Our bankmangager would change this for us...( but she never told us to fill in a paper ore to advise us to phone with the mastercard! Anyway we went on a vacation after our stuff was in the moving truck. After the vacation we drove true Canada to our new place in east Canada. In this time while traveling we kept our payments up to date, online. Living now for a month in East Canada we notice that we received our bank statement from our personal and our business account but we hadn't received one statement from our Mastercard. So I went to the local servus union bank to check this out. The lady phoned with the mastercard company printed out a form we filled it in, faxed it and done. After a month still no statements from the Mastercard. We phoned there answer "Wrong form". Us: "Oke, can we do over the phone? " They: " Yes" Oke set then... everything should be changed now.In the prior weeks I hade stoped using the Mastercard, because of my internet statement was blocked. A month later still nothing, so again back to the bank (sat there for 1, 5 hour!) and filled in a different form, signed, and faxed. with again help form the bank employee. A moth later still nothing so we phoned again with Mastercard there answer " you shouldn't fill in a form you schoud have phoned" My answer " well we did! can we change our address now?" They" yes you can" so again all our information, our new address... A month later still nothing! So I wrote a letter to our old bank the local bank and one headed for the CEO/ Head of finance of Cuets Mastercard.Went to our lawyer and showed him the letter asked him if we needed to pay.His response after reading my letter "Don't pay" We send the letter priority so they had to sign that they had received it. In this letter was a bill of frustration the time that we putt in just to change the address, but most of all the expose our privacy because they where still sending the mail to our old address. The new owners, who knew our new address never forward us the mail so they could have open this.! In this letter we asked for a response from Mastercard in black and white. In this letter we wrote them that we would like to solve this and like to pay the statement, I only can pay a statement if we receive one. We never refused to pay. " We waited a month, still no statement no letter, nothing. To solve this I picked up the phone and phoned again asked for the head of finance, got him on the phone. I asked him if he received our letter His answer " I see here is a note of a letter." Me: " Did you read my letter?" He" No" ... I told him in a clam way that he had the time for over 3 weeks to read our letter...That I just wanted to know if he received the letter if it was solved.
He never made the effort to read a signed letter mailed to him! At this time I said calm that have the time and felt like to explain again the situation, he had 3 weeks the time to read our letter.I told him it and that I trusted him that he would respond to me in black and white, to solve the address. He never responded... he just put us in a R9! This is worst case in banking! Bad credit! So we can't get a credit card, not a loan. We can do banking without this because we had loans arranged before all this. Went to our lawyer, he said" you should pay you will loose this one" We have a personal visa so that's good to. but a Mastercard for our good running business would be nice but they won't let us get a new one. And this is all because a small change of address was so difficult to do on there site. On our Business account was still a $1500. open in invoices, minus my invoice of frustration fee, my hours, fuel, administration cost $1000. Thanks for putting us in bad credit. In my point of view a bad credit is tens thousands of dollars, not a small amount of $ 500 on a business account with unfair interest. I think it is unprofessional from Mastercard they abuse there power. Let all the banks know we have a bad credit. We are paying for there mistake. Other banks have nothing to do with the business between a mastercard provided bij Servus Union bank. Where is the protection of customers. Who knows the answer? Signing up for a card ( with no bad credit history) is easier than changing a address.Thank you for reading this story.

Jan 23, 2015

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