Buchbinder Car Rental Stuttgart / car damage rip off scam

On returning my hire car to stuttgart, the cust service guy pointed out the smallest scuff about a hair width and 1 inch long on the rear panel, I had to put my glasses on to see it and I wiped some of it off with my hand.. the rest would disappear with polish or a wash, the guy told me nothing would probably happen about it. However onreturning home I was deducted 465 Euros from my credit card and was sent an explanation in german which I could not understand because I speak English.
I kindly asked them to re send it in English and they refused and told me it would cost me an extra 50 Euros to do so. Surley this can not be legal! I have their emails as evidence!

Buchbinder Car Rental Stuttgart

May 29, 2018

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