Brigette Stone aka Erin Shue / Do not buy maine coon kittens from this person!!! Sickly maine coon kittens

1 Indianapolis Muncie Indiana, United States

This incident occurred on dec. 10, 2016. Do not deal with brigette stone, aka erin shue who lives in muncie, in. , selling maine coon kittens in the indianapolis, in area. I contacted this person about an 8 week old maine coon kitten she posted for sale on hoobly, she stated her "contract" would not send via email, a "contract" via text was sent, I accepted and placed $100 down via paypal to hold the kitten. She stated the kitten had been vet checked and 1st shots had been given. We agreed to meet where I would pay her the remaining $300 owed for the kitten. The meet up place changed three times with the third change occurring as I was leaving to pick up the kitten. When I reached the destination, she handed me the kitten with no paperwork, no nothing! Stated she would fax all documentation to my vet and I provided her with my vet's contact info, surprise!!! My vet received nothing! I have contacted this woman countless times, she answered me one time stating she can't find the paperwork and the vet doesn't have it. For me not to double up the vaccines and that "there was nothing wrong with the kitten". Vets are required by law in indiana to keep all records on all animals seen for three years. She clearly did not take this kitten to be seen by a veterinarian. My lil kitten had yellow discharge coming from her eyes and nose and diarrhea the entire almost 3 hour drive home. She tested positive for coccidia in her stool and had an upper respiratory infection caused by a virus, needless to say I was livid and now know why this person would not answer me. She knew she sold me a sick kitten and did not care! All she wanted was the money and to dump off this kitten as soon as she could. She also sells rottweiler puppies, so beware!!! Shadow is sweet, happy and healthy now but I wanted to alert unsuspecting buyers of this careless and neglectful person and if she's reading this, shame on you!!!

~☆ do not buy any animals from this person ☆~

Jan 9, 2017

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