Berthea / Gold talisman of fortune

1 United States

please don't order from this old lady she is fake, she kept emailing me what changes is coming in my life.i sent her 29.95 for a talisman, now everyday she is email me about someone else has something to say.good thing i send a one time fee.i use a per paid card with just that amount on it the old ulgy wrinkle face ### can keep that money and get a new facellift. but ### if you are reading this stay off my not send this old lady your money.

  • Updated by Ruth Benjamin, May 07, 2017

    ms. bethea is fake, a theft dont trust this old lady she will email you everyday.put it to rest old lady.if you are that boring go to a retirement home and join in with the old folk play bingo .i'm very disappointed in right need to be in jail.

May 7, 2017

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