AyuWageMissing money

On 3/31/16 i request a cashout from this site called AyuWage.Its a ptc site and the earnings there is much more than other sites.In the reward area of this site they said that it takes 5-7 working days until i can recieve my money.On 3/11/16 and after there was no payment i send a ticket to this site asking why it take so long to recieve this money, by the way its only 5$ and this is my first cashout on this site.Today and after 2 days that i swend this ticket there is no answer from them and i wondering whats going on.My balance is already 4, 5$ so in a few days i can cashout again because the minimoum for this is 5$.So the big question is if this site is a scam site and if it is people must know about this.Thanks for listen to my problem.

Apr 12, 2016

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