Authority Roofing / Bad roof replacement, breach of contract, billing double for agreed contract price, etc....

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1. Bad roof replacement: Many hills & valleys areas after. Damaged shingles.
2. Deceptive Trade Practice & Breach of contract: The agreed price contract was $14, 900.43. (Upgrade $1250.00 Deductible: Paid A.C.V. Less non-recoverable: $397.65.) Now the billing amount is $ 28, 162.70.
3. Uncompleted Work. The Chimney left out on the affected area & even was told by the homeowner, ..
4. Poor Labor Work: Roof was replaced uneven look from different angles, many hills & valleys on the roof. The fences was painted on brick & metal post, ..
5. Damaged unrecoverable section of back yard: The painter dumped all left-over paint on the yard. Many months the damaged section was unrecoverable. The two fruit trees unable to healed itself.
6. Discrimination: The works dragged out many months. One work was left out until the owner asked to complete. The home owner requested for the detailed price work sheet & estimate ( Xactimate ) many times but never provide to homeowner. The humongous billing price was NOT discuss in advance & agree to but mailed to the house.
7. Date on the contract: 05/27/2016. Date of invoice billing: 01/03/2017. Authority roofing

Authority Roofing
Authority Roofing
Authority Roofing
Authority Roofing

Mar 18, 2017

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