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1 Denver, United States
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This company is has a complete LACK of customer service skills. The same skills they expect you to have when dealing with customers over the phone is the same kind of service they need to provide to their potential employees. I have been hired with this company 3 THREE times and have yet to start working. They put you through all of this verification headache with doing fingerprinting, drug test, college transcripts, I9 forms, home office set up, buying headsets, monitors and other requirements, they make you complete a 2 HOUR interview, just to tell you that you are hired! They hired 50-75 people and have training slots for 20. So IF and WHEN you are one of the one's who don't beat everyone else to a training spot, oh well, they leave you hanging with NO JOB PROSPECTS, and debt from buying all of the required equipment needed to even be hired. They are one of those work from home jobs that is too good to be true!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND ESPECIALLY YOUR MONEY trying to become employed with this company, it's worthless!!!

Aug 26, 2014

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