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7:14 pm EST
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CFP Board Exam Bogus Fraud CFP Test Exam

The CFP Certified Financial Planner Brand is a complete fraud.

This entire organization is composed of over 30 thousand people who never went to college and achieved a degree. Nothing but a bunch of insurance guys who have letters after their name. the first 30 thousand CFPs got their certification by taking a few distance learning courses and mailing the open book quizzes back to the CFP board and Hokus Pokus, Voila, they got certified for paying their money. What a big scam

The new CFP exam was recently put in place in the last few years, but the entire exam is outsourced and bogus. The CFP board does not offer any training or education and offers certificates to those without a college education.

After 30 years, it appears that CFP will now force new members to get some accredited education before they recieve the CFP Certificate.

What makes things even worse is that Schweiser and others such as Kaplan CFP Review and groups like Dalton Review - Money Education are cheating with a BIG EXAM SCAM ?

How are they doing it? Kaplan and Dalton and the others are alledged to be sending their trainers into the exams using fake names to take the exam again and again. this allows them to gather and copy the test questions and archive the questions to sell the answers over to those who pay for their test prep and materials.

Is it illegal? Of course it illegal to steal copyrighted information and sell it and it is is both unethical and illegal.

Thus, Dalton Review & Kaplan and the rest are gaming the system and anyone could say that they are breaking the law. Everyone who uses the stolen exam answers is technically cheating.

It makes me sick to think that this whole CFP designation is ONE BIG FRAUD and Scam.

I hope they catch these guys who go in and take the exam over and over and steal the questions to sell to the public.

Overall, it is clear that people are better off going to an accredited college or graduate school and get a real accredited exams adn education from a bone fide business school that has government recognition.

Good luck cheating

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, US
May 06, 2016 5:24 pm EDT

They are ONLY required to have a 4 year degree. That degree can be in animal husbandry, zoology, botany or registered nursing. And when they pass the test, the CFP's get to practice their techniques with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. So you're making 100k per year and your 36k per year CFP wants you to trust him with his newfound financial expertise.

Boise, US
Feb 07, 2012 7:20 pm EST

The CFP Board is actually not a complete fraud and certifies thousands of educated advisors each year. And your facts are incorrect because CFP's must have a bachelor's degree and take specific education courses in order to sit for the exam, and ultimately receive their designation. Not to mention Money Education is a textbook publisher, and not a CFP review provider.
Who knows where you heard about the other review providers going in and taking the exam illegally, but since you don't have any proof, you aren't a credible source of information. I would recommend Dalton Education to anyone considerin​g CFP Certificat​ion. Dalton’s support staff and instructor​s were always prompt in helping me with my queries. I would highly recommend the Dalton Review for its online testbank, ​ Pre-Study guides and for the overall attention to details provided to key topics during the four-day Review. And, the good news - I just received my mail and passed the November CFP Exam.

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