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Broadcasters glamorandus he is great, she is not!!! This guy needs to be saved by this tramp!!!

There are so many women that don't give their man a 2nd look, until and unless you pay attention to him. This stupid *** is one of them.

A few weeks ago this French *** *** blocked her boyfriend from a solid job with a solid income because it did not include her. Any girls that stands in the way of a good future for her man, is not thinking of him or their future, she is only thinking 'right here, right now' and only about herself.

This young man had the chance to change the trajectory of his pathetic life with her and actually get settled in the US and have a career in films and her fake *** manipulated him so that he would not leave her behind. The plan was for him to settle in US or Canada with a secure job and then sponsor her and his family when the time is right, but she put on an act like she was there for him and then the first chance she got, she banned any communication with him. Now he'll never know.

This guy could do way better than this girl, and he should wake up and smell the coffee and get himself someone that is more supportive and cares about his future, with or without her.

User's recommendation: try and encourage him to broadcast alone or find another room. He is great, SHE IS NOT.

Broadcasters glamorandus he is great, she is not!!! This guy needs to be saved by this tramp!!!
Broadcasters glamorandus he is great, she is not!!! This guy needs to be saved by this tramp!!! Mr. Charles sounds so civilized but someone should tell him homophobia is so 1985, get with it in 2020!!!

Who would have thought that someone of his age would have the hatred towards gay/bi men or perhaps even LGBTQ in general. You see in the room MrCharles21 we have a gorgeous couple that think that they are King and Queen of the prom.

Today I asked this young man 2x if he was bi and i did it in private with a tip note as some CB rule in the sky dictates. Both times the question was ignored. This right away says, he is uncomfortable even acknowledging that bi or gay people exist and the fact that he did not answer or acknowledge it, shows that he can't fathom even addressing someone that is not hetereosexual. Dude it's 2020.

Finally in the 3rd attempt this sweet girl replies for him and Mr Charles pipes in "uh sorry, I did not see the tipnote with the question. So i sent him another private tipnote message that said "you saw it but you chose not to answer it because you're homophobic in 2020" and he jumps back "actually I don't have to answer anything I don't want' Oh so you admit that you chose to ignore it and are you mad cause you have a bi guy standing up to you or are you mad that you got caught? Either way you're a Neanderthal and you think you're better than those that are in same sex or enjoy same sex relations. Now watch. Every LGBTQ GROUP will be coming down on you, not because you said you're straight, but for thinking that same sex people don't deserve respect or a reply because we are not human.

But those that scream loudest have something to hide. "These guys have more than just clothes in their closet" Mr. Charles sounds so civilized but someone should tell him homophobia is so 1985, get with it in 2020!!!

Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked

Watch out for the mudslinging cause these boys are far from clean, dirty boys at heart (which can be a turn on) but not the right kind of dirty. Dirty conniving con artists is what this room stands for and far from straight, crooked as hell and crooks to boot.

Be careful of this room cause like other dirty dogs on the the site these guys will take your tokens and give you nothing, and they give other real HARD WORKERS a bad name and also those from Tennessee (because they are not all like this). One of them is married but his poor wife has no knowledge of his homosexual ways and so she must be a small town farm girl that he's taken advantage of and to add to that he's got his filthy dirty dog friends that help him in his endeavor to rip off the viewers of Chaturbate and their hard earned tokens. This is how degenerates like Joe make their money. You see the tokens individually are not worth a lot so these broadcasters find ways to scam the viewers thinking that they will just hide away and not fight them for their tokens but the support at Chaturbate do try hard to make sure that the viewers get what they paid for and if not they will work on getting your tokens back for you. There's the silver lining in this game of cat and mouse.

You'll notice that Joe sells underwear and used tshirts and even offers a ride along and sells chewing tobacco with his brand on it. He's got his own little venture corner store but it's all a scam and he gets his friends to tip and compliment and tip some more so that you think that it's legit but it's not, it's a well oiled redneck machine and if you show them that you are wittier and smarter and more knowledgable then them then out you go with the bathwater which they've never used. Also do not fall for the scam of a ride along in the 18 wheeler, it sounds like fun but the contest does not exist. So you might enter the draw, at a cost but in the end he's just trying to take you for the price of the raffle ticket which is 100 or 150 tokens and in the end, there is no ride along. Find an honest trucker at a truck stop and you'll have more luck.

Careful their sovereign flag is not an homage to the south but more homage to KKK so if you're a visible minority you might want to stay clear away from this room cause these guys will have you burned at the stake but first they'll take your wallet and then set you on fire. There's nothing gentlemanly about these rednecks, they'll squeeze every token out of you and then bye bye birdie, and then you're roadkill over an open campfire.

Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked
Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked
Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked
Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked
Hardworkertn are not straight but very very crooked

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    These 2 are very special and by special, I mean they take the short bus to school.

    Let's start with Damn_Whos_That or shall we say Damn, Who Does He Think He Is? Yes folks, you'll often see him flexing with his tongue out which leads you to think, does he have Down's Syndrome or does he just look like he does? Thirsty as fuck, begging for tokens and pretending to be straight is this guys M.O. I first encountered this young man when he pretended he was being stalked by no other than me yet it was him that was doing the stalking. He made his presence known on the site and pretended to be 37 year old TexasCowboyRider and working in the oil industry with a home he was left by his grandmother or did he buy it with the money his grandmother left him, or neither because he can't get his story straight. He ropes you in with a sob story of how is dad disowned him because he came out as gay but the boy has more holes in his story than a slice of swiss cheese. In reality he's your everyday common hustler and jumps from one lie to another all awhile flexing his arms and sticking his tongue old is he anyway, like 10??? No that's the age of the victims he hustles alongside his brothers About_the_Bulge and CharlieChaan (real brothers) and then he also brings on board hid degenerate cousin Jackm3_off. That's right, he must have boasted of you losers that provide him with tokens and how desperate you are for companionship that you make it rain tokens on him and expect zero in return...the truth is you do expect something in return but he gives you nothing and you're so embarrassed for not having received what he promises that you choose to keep it a hidden secret, like your STI (which I am sure he is full of). The arrogance and the lack of class and education this boy brings to the table somehow register as Damn_Whos_That in his mind but we say, forget it, Who The Fuck Does He Think He Is? if you're smart you'll keep your tokens for those that deserve it because this boy has no business sense and not only rapes his co-stars on OnlyFans (hidden cam footage is illegal, someone should tell him) but also rapes the patrons of his Thai Denny's knock-off in California. Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor he gets 1.5 to 2 stars max and though the portions are huge like his arms, the value is small like his dick.

    Enter stage left the newest member with a small member cousin Jackm3_off, I guess his younger cousin boasted of the idiots on his user list that shower him with 5 cent tokens, that Jackm3_off decided to join the family business on all levels. Chaturbate, OnlyFans and the underage game of human trafficking, so Damn introduces Jack to uncle BearBikerz and with the family resemblance of a receding hairline, receding all the way back, Jack flexes his way with his tongue out too (get your own identity dude). He also decides to walk in his cousins footsteps cause he too wants his own home with no furniture and ghetto tube lighting in the kitchen as they beg for 5 cent tokens in Damn's home gym and put on shower shows. These guys are pathetic and though Jack has been told that his cousin's shit does stink, Jack seems to think his cousin can do no wrong...uhm child exploitation is wrong and if you're gonna follow in his footsteps then follow him all the way to the state Pen where you both will be put in separate Protective Custody wings because we all know what happens to those that mess with children when they go to jail. We only hope that uncle BearBikerz and older bro CharlieChaan take up too much space in Protective Custody that the feds are forced to put you in Gen Pop and then no one will shower you with tokens but something will happen in the shower. Wanna guess what?

    You're best to avoid these 2 cause they can't even hustle order to be a hustler you gotta get your story straight. Maybe they can put on a kissing cousin's gay porn show on OnlyFans so that they can get the practice they require for the state pen. Watchout LoganWallX you're next and oh CoachwithoutaQueen, you're not far behind. Stay tuned for more dynamic and eye opening reviews, meanwhile these 2 should sleep with one eye open.

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    There are a series of broadcasters on Chaturbate that think they're better than everyone else but in reality they're the bitches of the site. Let's start today off by addressing the bearded Duck Dynasty monotone and dry personality called Twaticus69. First of all, what kind of name is that, oh you like twat do you? oh and you like to original. Ugh!!! This guy is a loser. Do not let the muscles fool you. If you challenge him he will hide behind his girlfriend Ginger, who looks like she probably keeps him in line and bench presses more than he does. 

    Twaticus69 sits at in his filthy chair with his dirty pillow to support his old man back and plays with himself as he talks into a big microphone on a stand, and it looks like it might be dangling from the ceiling but it's not, he's not that important. He thinks he's a radio announcer and to his credit some things that come out of his mouth are actually quite intelligent and interesting but don't tell him that, it might go to his head and then he asserts even more attitude like he's King Shit. The truth is he will put on a show for you without your asking for it and then turn around and say 'That will be a 1000 tokens' what?? wait?? I never asked for this. I just logged into your room and was listening to your story and you began to play with yourself, so I did too and now how does this turn into me owing you?? You see he thinks cause he has a home gym with a few tin cans and a chin up bar that you should pay him for his body and the fact that he manages to eat a sandwich without getting crumbs in his beard. Really? wear a bib and so you did 20 pushups, your gf can beat you in an arm wrestle and can do 30 pushups and you don't see her begging for chump change, you moron.

    I had stopped going to his room because I brought up the name BearBikerz in front of him one day and his face was kinda like 'how did you know he was my friend?' "uhm, cause you have the same look, only he's fat and you're not" Our friendly neighborhood bear on a bike left his job at the circus for a life of crime and exploiting minors. Did you not know that Texas was the number 1 hub for human trafficking of minors and though his Fetlife profile say Ohio, BearBikerz is from Texas. Yes folks, you know that bear in the circus that rides around on the tricycle, BearBikerz...that's him. So when he left the circus he got into a life of crime though you'll see him doing construction lately because he needs to create a paper trail for the US government and the Feds to see, and Twaticus and him are like 2 peas in a pod.

    So yesterday I popped into Twaticus69's room and basically said Bitch please, you can never be me, and he began to ask questions Who's a Supermodel, and What do you do and What did the tip note say, so I replied, and then he goes off, I don't care what you do and what you own and how much money you make...uhm yeah you do, cause you asked so when people ask they want to know but now that I showed you up in your own room you need to gain control so as the steam was literally a steaming out of his ears and his hands were trembling like a category 4 hurricane was approaching I knew what was coming...So I said "go ahead and ban me from your room" and he replies with a guffaw I'm not going to ban you (because he has to come off all high and mighty like Jesus amongst his disciples in his room and what does he do in the next breath, bans me. I love it when broadcasters do that because I have a weapon in my back pocket, an app that won't allow them to ban or silence me for any more than 10seconds and bang I was back but this time wth a vengeance. He knew that this review was coming, so he won't be surprised when I send it to him today.

    Don't let this bully push you around, he has no real job, so he has to con viewers into giving him tokens when you never ask for a show, and he inflates his value like he inflates his chest but sometimes he has issues inflating his Johnson so be very quiet, so he can focus on getting erect, if you talk too much he gets easily distracted and Mr. Johnson won't come out to play. If he tries to bully you just say BOO and he'll run and hide behind his gf and slowly peek out to see if you're gone, it's a fun game, just sit and wait and when he pokes his head out, say BOO again, and he'll hide for another hour or 2. If he really gets pushy just say BearBikerz and watch his face change as fear takes over...I swear, it's like Bear is his big brother, and he could be, there is a family resemblance. There is one thing that just doesn't sit right with me and hear me out folks...97% of the cam "models" are vague about what part of the world they're from and if they do say they give a general area Europe, Heaven, USA, but never so specific...this guy is vague about EVERYTHING and yet he seems to be quite open about being from the west coast of Florida, almost too specific, which makes me wonder if he's not from Texas, you know?? I mean he could be from Florida...has anyone got the stats on human trafficking of minors from that State? 
    Remember say Boo!! It's a fun game. The guy's got a sick body, I have to hand it to him, it's a chiseled work of art but then again, wouldn't we all if we had no job to go to?

    Bitch I just made you famous, that'll be a 1000

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    "They go hand in hand" she claims. Like Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam, there is a new girl on the horizon and this one has expanded the business from just escorts. Having started as an escort herself our international woman of corruption has gone from Escort to Madam. Providing escorts in all categories is her mantra and not only does she provide Georgetown and the politicians of Capital Hill with their nightly dose of sex but also their weekly does of drugs. Operating on Chaturbate as Naughtywacouple this couple provide 'full service' and not in the way we know it.

    He seems to know of her business and doesn't say anything, perhaps because his physical looks rate about a 5.5/10 hers not much better at 6.2/10 (she's put on an extra 25 to 30lbs since she was sucking and fu**ing her way through the dorms of Georgetown and from whisking by one doorman and hotel front desk security to another). This young lady not only will provide you with adult male/female and trans escorts but she specializes in under 18 also.

    Often seen lurking around Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, for her flavor of the month, she looks you straight in the eyes and says "Black lives do matter to me, they always have." what she means is many of her clients including famous singer R Kelly came to her for young African/American girls for their personal needs. The difference is, with Covid19 and the decline of escort rentals, this Capital Hill Madam expanded into drugs, so I guess she does Believe She Can Fly (I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly). Providing the Trump administration and the future of Washington at Georgetown with their weekend candy (meth, cocaine, crack, lsd, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, mdma) keeps her rent paid and her boyfriend interested in her despite the extra weight. This begs the question, "why has she not purchased a headboard for that stacked mattress and boxspring that she calls a bed" "why does she not wash her undergarments or her bedsheets?" This is her attempt to blend in, but she doesn't, but what it does is, is makes your eyes water when she undresses "it's like body odor mixed with dung" said one White House correspondent.

    One incident that occurred in Feb 2020, a mother of a young 13yr old daughter that attends British International School of Washington had to follow their daughters GPS "pony shaped pin" that her parents secretly presented to their daughter as a decoration because she loves ponies (but actually serves as a discrete GPS. The young girl was with friends on M Street shopping when her friends decided to check out another store and left the young girl alone at the famous shoes store and in swooped out Madam with a pair of white sneakers and more than willing to buy them for the 13yr old. What girl would say No to a free pair of sneakers. Unaware the young girl found herself in a taxi for 'snacks and milkshake' and found herself at the Old Naval Hospital on Pennsylvania drinking wine and smoking pot with some seniors from Georgetown and our Madam. When the father caught up to her, she was drunk and stoned with her skirt hiked up and a male student on top of her. The family chose to get the girl therapy and change schools for fear the girl would be teased and taunted rather than her classmates being empathetic to the victim.

    Since then Thurgood Marshall, Woodrow Wilson, McKinley have issued warnings to students and parents. It is believed that our Madam took over the drug trade from Abdul Samuels, a former client of hers, after he was convicted and was sentenced to seven years in prison stemming from drug trafficking and gun possession charges.

    Like the famous song by Ava Max "Sweet by Psycho" is probably written with this girl in mind. Girl invest in a proper bed and stop using ads from the public bus on your wall as art. -

Michael_Angelina Broadcasters, him the victim, her the junkie, all coordinated by the Puppet Master!!!

In a world of fake and filthy, the filthiest of them all is michael_angelina on chaturbate, oh and their french sidekick the man behind the dirt, the puppet master!!!

These 2 broadcasters are not what they seem. She is a panhandler junkie from skid row and he is a victim that was lured into this life by a french predator. First you will notice that when you chat that there is a reply but not from either of them, there is some man behind he curtain that is the puppet master and he makes fake promises and deals on behalf of them... Well him, because no one really wants her.

The puppet master stumbled upon angelina who is far from jolie (pretty in french) and took her home, hit her up with more of her favorite drug and presented her with his mother's old lingerie and dollar store makeup... Note the off shade of her foundation, which is 3 shades too light and the fact that her eye makeup never blends... That's the true sign of cheap makeup. You see many times a predator will attach himself to a girl and then lure in the male but there's a catch... The male will have to perform sexual acts for the puppet master first and then he gets the girl. Much like the norm, michael soon found himself bent over and on his knees performing like a money for this disgusting french rapist and predator just to get the "not so pretty" angelina.

Once he had cleared level 1 and 2 of this game, he collected no points and found that anjelina smells like rotten eggs and has poor hygiene particularly after her monthly cycle. That's right folks, the wealth michale was promised may look like the ad but gold it's closer to those chocolate coins rather than gold and even those are far and few between. In 4 hours the duo makes about 1 dollar and 50 cents and they split that after giving their puppet master his share, hardly enough to afford the trips to the sti clinics and the meds he's now on from all the lovely things angelina and the puppet master shared with him.

The young man has great potential but his fair maiden (and only fair because her foundation makeup doesn't match) and their predator the puppet master keep him intoxicated on drugs and the her body odor, combine that with the fact that she doesn't wash those undergarments you'll notice michael flinch every time he goes down on her and his lack of erection speaks louder than the puppet master as he barks orders from off camera.

Our best bet is to stop sending hem the message that this is appropriate and hopefully that will wake michael up from his coma and (if not maybe angelina can wave her pungent crotch around his nose one last time) before she goes back to the streets to turn tricks for her next hit of drugs and the puppet master goes in for 5 to 10yrs, michael may find some sanctuary and peace with the assistance of a therapist and a real pharmacist.

We are rooting for you michael, find the light my friend and ditch this dog and pony show... She needs to go back to the circus and the man behind the scenes needs to become the man behind bars. This is the epitome of human slavery and mind control.

Save michael campaign... Tell the boy to run and let's start a 'go fund me' and buy him a laptop so he can be self employed or at least help him find a better situation than the horror clown show he's part of now.

*fyi it says usa for location but it's not. They are all french speaking.

Michael_Angelina Broadcasters, him the victim, her the junkie, all coordinated by the Puppet Master!!!
Michael_Angelina Broadcasters, him the victim, her the junkie, all coordinated by the Puppet Master!!!
Michael_Angelina Broadcasters, him the victim, her the junkie, all coordinated by the Puppet Master!!!

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures, but it's your job to ensure that you don't come across THIRSTY or DESPERATE. If you do the canine smelling power of Chaturbate's BITCH Kalie will smell it on your and take full advantage with lies and theft. That's right folks, keep a stiff upper lip and firm hold of your wallet because this little Bitch will Bait and Switch her boyfriend in order to your eyes diverted long enough to take your money and run.

    Last weekend I was discussing the in's and out's of the American tax system as it pertains to foreigners when I see the broadcasters Kaliedouglas (Kalie being the female and Douglas being the male) and so I wrapped up my call to go and meet the Belgian duo. In the sweetest voice possible combined with the evil glare Kalie announces 3x that her boyfriend Douglas wants to cum so badly and if anyone will take them into a private and help him ejaculate. I bit and entered into the Private Chat. For those that don't know, each room sets a rate for their private chats and once you enter the rate per 30 seconds or per minute is automatically deducted from your tokens. I entered the room only to find that the cunning Kalie had duped me and she took over the session and what we had agreed upon was no longer valid in her eyes. Once the tokens began to automatically deduct from my account and enter their account, there is not much you can do. As I began to explain that a deal was a deal the evil in her eyes grew as if to say 'I got you' and she began to smirk and move forward with he own agenda. after a couple of minutes and 14 tokens later, I realized there was no point and exited and that stopped the tokens from deducting. I automatically wrote to the folks at Chaturbate support and it took a few days but I finally got my tokens back BUT I had requested that the 2 be punished with a 30 day ban from broadcasting or they should have to buy me tokens to make up for he fact that they even attempted such an act but so far I have had no luck. So, I warn you to STAY AWAY FROM KALIEDOUGLAS ON CHATURBATE, BECAUSE THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN.

    From the country that is famous for sweet chocolate, comes the bitter taste of theft known as Kaliedouglas and Kalie is the ringleader, she smells the scent of tokens and like a canine bitch goes straight for your jugular and the girl herself has quite the nose, so maybe that's it...perhaps she's trying to save up for rhinoplasty (a nose job) or breast implants to even out her uneven breasts (note pic below) and formulated this plan because it's not his idea. He is calm and professional and doesn't say a word but together they re guilty of FRAUD, THEFT, BAIT AND SWITCH and DECEPTION. Show them that you're not desperate and can move on to another room because the only one that seems to be desperate are these 2. Douglas can do way better than Kalie, so why is her desperate and settling for this and Kalie is so desperate to be perceived as pretty that she'll steal her way to the OR (operating room) for her nip tuck because this Desperate Housewife is trying to keep up with The Jones'.

    avoid avoid avoid the broadcasters kaliedouglas from Belgium and find another sweet option because this one will leave you bitter.

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    Several times per year Texan native known as CheeseburgerJesus takes a trip down south of the border to Colombia, where he employs young women from Colombia for a period of several weeks. What type of employment you ask? Well let's say that the only skill required are their oral skills and any skill required that they perform doggy style or on a lazy day...on their back, with or without their legs in the air. The sad thing here is he takes advantage of the disadvantaged and you can see very clearly that the girls are disgusted, repulsed and forced in most cases to perform with this obese, vile American on cam.

    You can see his pompous behavior shine bright as he behaves like a 'stud' and tries to make his American clientele feel as though he's an everyday Casanova but in reality he is just a common predator. You'll find him saying stuff like "these girls are like all terrain vehicles, they'll do anything" "these girls are smooth smooth smooth down below like a newborn baby" uhm...a newborn? Yes he also deals in infants and specializes in the underage category. Texas has the highest number of underage trafficked victims then any other state and the majority of them come from South of the border. This guy knows all the stats and will tell you how they get from one side of the unprotected fence to the other with ease It's almost like he's a specialist.

    You'll commonly see him get the girls high on Marijuana and play games where he puts ice in their vaginas and tickles them and forces their faces and hands on his can literally see the girls dry heave as they catch a whif of his dirty unwashed ass or his disgusting rancid armpits, or the disgusting scent of his unkept dental hygiene...but he's got them over a barrel, he pays them a couple of dollars a day and they come from poverty so they have no choice. with a square meal worth a dollar and 1.50 to 3.00 per girl US per day, he makes them perform like monkeys for his clientele watching and bidding form their US homes so that he can arrange these girls to spend the night with these with these other creepy predators or pedophiles for 1 to 5 dollars and he charges the client 100 dollars to 250.00 dollars depending on if they over 18 or under 18. I am sure the infants go for far more because the risk is higher.

    Interesting, I wonder if he knows BearBikerz and CharlieChaan and TexasCowboyRider...they are all from Texas and specialize in South American trade too. HMMMM...Everything is bigger in Texas (stomachs of BearBikerz, Cheeseburgerjesus) including the crimes and if caught, the sentences and jail time too. Make sure you're careful when entering this room and tipping tokens, you might find yourself on an FBI watchlist and then your every move is tracked. Note how he will have one of his clients tip very slowly 1 token at a time when he gets a work related call so that it distorts what he is saying to the person on the phone.

    CheeseburgerJesus should just go back to his old job as one of Ronald McDonald's friends...I have a feeling he played Grimace

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    In the category of Deception on Chaturbate comes the girlfriend and boyfriend duo of Shyanna and Alex, pretending to be step siblings. Yes folks these two decide to serve up family incest done wrong. Shyanna sits on the left and Alex on the right and they try and make you believe that Alex is not aware that he's on cam and when she starts gyrating from her toy shoved u her wooha and the sound of tokens causes her to appear as though she is having a seizure her 'step brother' Alex comes to her rescue and puts on a performance so pathetic that I have seen better acting from The Simpsons and Family Guy. This is not going to win him any awards but it could win him a few extra token if he didn't have his fake step sister Shyanna or Anna negotiate for him. The girls always ruin it for the guys. She charges 100 tokens for people just to see his cock. Why? Is it part of the Queen's jewels? I think not, there are hundreds of guys on that site, what makes Alex so special. I have shoes with more personality than he has but mind you, they do cost more than Alex, head to toe, but in the end I do get more out of those shoes than anyone gets out of Alex. If he was allowed to negotiate his own rates he would do better on his own but you see the selfish Shyanna is saving up guessed it folks a nose job. What's with these Chatubate girls needing to steal from the users to pay for their shallow and selfish needs all awhile their male counterpart sits back is silence and allow the bitches to o their dirty work. Another desperate and pathetic young man that falls for the deception of the fair and ugly maiden. I mean she's got pretty hair but that ends that. While he sits in silence, she sits back with a brush and a rolled up bill in her hand and snorts 'pepsi' so she can fly high, higher than a kite and she doesn't need any wind beneath her wings, just an 8 ball and a rolled up 10 note. He does not partake so she's more than happy to do it herself. Her nose is gonna cave in before she gets to the OR (operating room). If I were him that glass of water she brings her...he should throw it on her crotch in the hopes that the toy that the users communicate with short circuits and that way at last she can get to the hospital and get her nose and her wooha taken care of at the same time.

    Trust me folks, these two have got a full dog and pony show on their profile but none of it is worth it. You're best to stay away and find yourself a couple that don't try and gauge your wallet and deceive you with a phony plot that we can all see through, because neither could act their way through a wet paper bag.

Broadcasters delilahcass perpetuate unethical behavior child exploitation

This room is the most disturbing of all the rooms because they actually take their show seriously. You might think that's a good thing until you actually go and check the room out, then it's eerie... you see Delilah plays the part of a toddler, that's right. it's not a daddy/daughter type scenario, it's a daddy/female infant scenario, which means there is some deeply seeded innuendo that might actually be real.

James Cass is in his mid 40s and Delilah is his girlfriend/wife/fiance in her early 20's. Every guy's fantasy right? Well sure, if that's how it remained. It's not enough that they have a 20yr age difference, but they had to go and increase that age gap by 40yrs making Delilah 2 or 3yrs old and James remains in his 40s. I am not just speculating she's actually styled herself that way and in the background there are blocks with letters and numbers on them... the perfect toy for a toddler, and there are times when Delilah looks like a Rageddy Ann doll and James is not dressed like Andy only further perpetuating the pedophile innuendo.

James is too good looking for him NOT to have been married, I speculate that he was in a marriage with a frigid wife and he was undersexed, and his eyes may have wandered over to young women much much much younger than himself, even perhaps his own kids... enter Delilah, taken by his good looks and his fairly decent body, and big dick and, more than willing to seduce her new daddy with the frocks and pigtails and the soothers and gaga googoo baby talk, and off came her diaper and daddy got a boner, which of course she was quite pleased to ride like the 25cent children's ride at the local grocery store. Does she dress like that in public, I would think not, people would have some harsh words, harsher than this review (I'm being nice).

I m left wondering what his visitation agreement is with his ex, when it comes to the kids? Does his ex and his in-laws, his family, know of this cam show? Do James and Delilah go to school yards and parks with play structures and sit and watch... is that where she gets her styling tips from? All of it gives me the creeps and sends a shiver down my spine, and makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Lastly how many pedophiles are in their room when they are broadcasting and are they all on an FBI watchlist?

I mean it's pretty evident that if you're in that room and watching their show that FBI, the group that helps victims of human trafficking of minors, Thorn, the federal and the local police forces, everyone is watching, not only the viewers but also Delilah and James Cass. How could you not. Even if the happy couple are just putting on a performance for theatrics, they are both intelligent adults and they know exactly what they're doing and what they are portraying and they also know how wrong it is. Take your chances folks but if you're watching this and it's turning you on, you need to take that up with your therapist, and then your pharmacist. Good luck, particularly in prison, they don't put common folk in protective custody... and don't make me remind you what happens to people that sexually exploit minors or children in prison.

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Broadcaster wonderwoman90081985 will hack your computer, homophobic, addicted to 'skiing' 'pepsi'

In a time when social distancing becomes the new norm and people seek out alternative ways to meet new people, it's our social responsibility to warn the public of such Broadcasters that exist on sites like Chaturbate so that, you the consumer is not tricked into a scam or fall for fraud, after all we need to remember that these cam models fall into their own category of sex workers and though you may not find them walking the streets, and getting into cars, or with an ad in the classified section of a newspaper, they still perform acts of sex for money, no matter how little the denomination is worth, it's still sex work and with that line of work comes questionable morals, values and scruples. I am here to educate you on some of the broadcasters that you should avoid and steer clear away from.

The gorgeous caramel skinned, mulatto broadcaster known as WonderWoman90081985 operates her room with her boyfriend in the couples category. They offer a public broadcast and the main heading at the top of their profile says BIO and FREE Webcam. One day as she rides her boyfriend in all of his and her nude glory, I am one of 38 people watching her live sex show. She rides him CowGirl and runs her hands through her hair (weave) and his sweaty muscly body thrusting with every grunt and moan, when all of a sudden the girl flips out. One of her viewers, that was patiently watching the show had logged into her room and within 2 minutes the girl goes ballistic and hops off her boyfriend and says to her man 'give me that program, we're gonna teach him a lesson' Turns out that our Mulatto Maven doesn't like LGBTQ and particularly men. Her boyfriend had an indiscretion at the gym and along with the soap also dropped his towel in the steam room allowing his jewels to be public domain. He is pretty hot and any man that is into men would be more than happy to bend over for, get on their knees for, stick their phallus into the mouth or ass of this stallion, anytime. Well our girl decides to go through is phone one night while she's "skiing on pepsi" and he's asleep to investigate the current seafood buffet her body is covered in...that's right the girl is covered, head, to eyelashes to eyebrows to weave to bush with crabs and not the kind you find at a seafood restaurant but the kind you find from lack of hygiene. Of course it could not have been from her dealer that she sometimes fornicated it with for an advance on 'pepsi' right? The fact that her body temperature rises during her binges could not have allowed the nits or eggs to hatch quickly right? Ever since that day just a few months ago, this girls despises LGBTQ men with a passion and here was this kind, gentle LGBTQ man that had been in her room less than a minute that she was now hacking into his computer with the help of a friend on the phone and her boyfriend beside her. You see her madly keying in a code and talking to herself, patience is a virtue, all in good time, YES got it, I'm in, as she high 5's her boyfriend and they celebrate but only for a second before her side eye looks at him and says "move out of my way". Then she starts to scan the poor man's and viewer's desktop and begins to download things off his laptop including his ID, passport, signature and bank details, which she then used to log in and help herself to funds that did not belong to her. How else is she going to pay for her drugs? Judging from her pics she didn't use the money towards hiring a maid, clearly nor has she or he ever taken the time to clean. Her hate towards the men that are fascinated by her man goes deep and rather than visiting her dealer 4 times per week for 'pepsi' she should spend that time with a therapist and a real pharmacist, the kind that works in a pharmacy and that went to university ... not the guy that pimps hoes and sells you a gram or an 8-ball. We hope that the young man that stepped into her room is ok and that he changed his passwords and we also hope that she cleaned her filthy pig stye because that's where her creepy crawly's her clothes, on her toilet seat, unwashed bedsheets and towels. You'll notice her album says Getting Ready...for what girl? Not to clean, clearly.


Broadcaster wonderwoman90081985 will hack your computer, homophobic, addicted to 'skiing' 'pepsi'
Broadcaster wonderwoman90081985 will hack your computer, homophobic, addicted to 'skiing' 'pepsi'
Broadcaster wonderwoman90081985 will hack your computer, homophobic, addicted to 'skiing' 'pepsi'

  • Updated by In the Nick of Time · Jul 01, 2020

    The website is known to protect those broadcasters within the inner circle of their child exploitation ring. When the site asks you to agree to report any profile that is seen breaking the law and exploiting minors, that is only a formality and for Chaturbate to show the legal system that they have done what they can and had their users and broadcasters tick off a box that says YES they Agree but in the end they protect those that commit the crime and ban those that report it.

    I had noticed that when I reported harassment from BearBikerz (broadcaster) on April 20th 2020, support at Chaturbate said they take situations like this very seriously. The support had been forwarded the whole email thread where BearBikerz threatens harm to me and states quite boldly that nothing will happen to him because he has a 'connection' within the company Chaturbate. Now in retrospect, it's believed that he is his own connection and the site Chaturbate owned by Multi Media LLC allegedly built the site that allows free accounts and sells tokens for 10.99/100 tokens (5cents a token), so basically the site does not show much of a profit and that is because the site was not meant for profit. It was meant to launder the money from such crimes as drug sales and human trafficking of minors. BearBikerz not only threatened me but he also got a team of broadcasters to get on board and used his position with the company to provide benefits to the broadcasters as incentive and to encourage them to harass me. The outcome, my accounts kept being banned for no reason and without explanation. I would have the account back up and running with a lame apology and "sorry for the inconvenience". Accounts that had been banned would all of a sudden be accessed by someone else and i would get an email notification enquiring if it was me that changed the user name and it could not have been me because i had been banned from accessing the account so there is no way it would be me, so who accessed my account? My personal information ID and details released by Chaturbate and people hacked my skype, gmail, bank accounts, facebook and when I would forward the emails sent to me by Chaturbate and ask who accessed these banned accounts they would never reply, that is them proving to me that they had a hand it in and are purposely ignoring my request. So I have had them reported to the FBI and put the the accounts that are involved in child exploitation on the radar of Human Trafficking organizations, so accounts and the site are being watched. The site will also not return or refund your money on tokens and I have lost about 80.00 in tokens and they don't reply to that as well.

    June 12, 2020 11:45am EST a broadcaster that is a recruiter of minors from Slovakia Yolo_Player 23yrs old broadcaster accepted about 200.00 in tokens (the currency used by Chaturbate) from an American user Darknight51 from Michigan (51yr old man) for the exchange of child porn and images and using tokens is simple because they just transfer them in the form of a tip and the police or tax dept are not looking for this currency they are looking for dollars in accounts that show up in large denominations or transfers. Tokens can be sued to tip another and in the end can be claimed as income from broadcastings as the site transfers tokens every 2 weeks to those that have a balance. So Yolo_player can say he earned it by doing shows and that's how pedophiles pay for the content that they receive. There are a whole series of broadcasters, Damn_Whos_That, CharlieChaan, CoachwithoutaQueen, Simon_theiceKing, ShardyMatt, About_the_Bulge, and more that are involved on various levels of this crime. There are several accounts from Columbia and Russia that have girls and boys as young as 14 and 15 that are performing sex acts openly and have passed an age verification with their fake ID and support has accepted them without question. There are profiles that openly do cocaine and smoke meth on camera that the support does nothing about because they are either friends of BearBikerz or associated with the crimes and hence providing the money to the site to further launder. People are broadcasting for tokens that are worth 4 cents each and making a living and the site has hundreds of users and broadcasters at any given time using so much broadband but the site continues to run by selling 5cent tokens and paying out broadcasters every 2 what does the site doesn't need to, it has a steady supply of minors that come in from South America through Texas and a steady supply of minors that are kidnapped from various States and Canada that they move around and force into a life of prostitution and porn. I suspect broadcasters like Damn_Whos_That, CharlieChaan etc etc were victims and kidnapped, torn away from their families at an early age and now have Stockholm syndrome and work for their abductors. Let it be known that if you sign up and spend money on tokens it's likely that you are supporting and aiding these crimes on children and the reason why Multi Media LLC can afford to lose money on Chaturbate is because the income from exploiting minors comes with a huge financial reward and one cannot show that amount of money in their bank accounts so they create a business that is win/ launders the money but also provides an outlet for people to trade child porn, images and recruit and that puts resources back into the supply chain. With these high financial rewards comes high risk and huge sentences for those convicted of the crimes. I suppose that Chaturbate has people in high places, in place to keep the police and feds at bay, but for how long?

    Pay close attention when on the site and continue to report shady behavior, you'll see lots of it.

  • Updated by In the Nick of Time · Jul 02, 2020

    The pics of the guy in red is BearBikerz who claims to that he can get away with harassing broadcasters and nothing will happen to him because he has a 'connection' in Chaturbate and now it seems like he's right, Chaturabate won't do anything to him so that leads us to believe that he is the contact within the company and he can get away with anything, even Child Exploitation (allegedly) and human trafficking of minors (allegedly along with is cohorts in crime Simon_theiceKing ShardyMatt CharlieChaan About_the_Bulge Damn_whos_That CoachwithoutaQueen 1sexyhotmusclesforyou1 the majority of them from Texas and that seems to be a recurring theme...TEXAS and interestingly it all started with TexasCowboyRider on Fetlife who is actually Damn_Whos_That

    the pics added below are of WonderWoman90081985

Internet entertainment provides Internet entertainment service. Users pay with tokens purchased from Chaturbate. On April 23, 2020, I opened an account and purchased $79.99 in tokens. Within minutes, I found that I could not log in. I have emailed Chaturbate and its CEO, Shirley Lara, numerous times to ask that it correct the problem. Chaturbate will not respond but has kept the tokens for which I paid.

  • Us
    user2041299 Jun 03, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can you please provide me with the username on your Chaturbate account? I will reach out and ensure support reviews your account.

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Sweety_nymph or uylana vedenina ban

This model has 300 tokens twice for snapchat and then blocked me. She has now got me banned from chaturbate who have blocked my account with 480 tokens and will now not respond or explain the reason why. The model is lethal and should be prevented from streaming. She takes tips and then bans you with no explanation or reason. She makes users into pvt chat for off line payments and chaturbate completely ignore her ethics

Sweety_nymph or uylana vedenina ban
Sweety_nymph or uylana vedenina ban

  • Ei
    Eichelsolo May 26, 2020

    Sweety_nymph or uylana Vedenina is a thick as a brick a few tips and she is naked. The users mostly American or Asians take total advantage of her stupidity. She has the mental age of 16 year old and the looks to match. She should be removed from chaturbate website and she should be stopped from streaming


    5 Votes
  • No
    Nobody2b May 26, 2020

    She spends more time inviting users into pvt to sexual soliciting than streaming. She should be banned, everything about her is fake. Uylana Vedenina, get a job you are underage and you know you shouldn't be streaming and it's down to your boyfriend


    4 Votes
  • De
    Deeply Frog Jun 07, 2020

    Frauds and scams are everywhere on Chaturbate and similar sites like Stripchat. The FBI should investigate. But, since it won't, here are some precautions any user of these continuing criminal enterprise should take:

    1. Use only free accounts.
    2. Never give the sites credit card or other payment information.
    3. Do not purchase so-called tokens.
    4. Do not trust models and never tip them.

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Terrible customer service

I guess Chatrubate does not like prepaid cards? I got banned again, they have banned any username I make and banned 10 plus prepaid cards from the company known as Green Dot. When asked why, they say I did serious violations, but never tell me what or that I did chargebacks. This company is terrible, I am only on it because I like some of the models.

Carry_Asian Model acted unprofessional

Dear Sirs/Madam

I would like to make a complaint about the above model Carry_asian.

On Saturday/Sunday 22nd February 2020 this model was totally abusive to me, and totally unprofessional. I started to tip her with lots of tokens, but for some reason she got aggressive and acted like a unprofessional Model. She said? If you want to see more and more give me thousand upon thousands of tips, plus with that I will sell you my live streams behind my studio back and Chatubate, as I am here only to make money quick. Also offered me to meet her if the money was right, plus other services. I thought her character was some way out of line, as it was more of a demand than rather a service that I paid to see.

I am not one to complain, as I have been using your services for years, and I enjoy the shows immensely. I feel this particular webcam girl " Carry_asian " was acting kinda strange and didn't really want to be there. She was abusive and threatening in her language towards me and others if she didn't get what she wanted, she was totally unprofessional and disappointing to watch. I would appreciate that you give this Model a band ( taken off air ) disconnect her from any webcam model shows. As she seriously has issues that can be displeased. Rather sooner than later, as she might cause more problems in the future to other clients.

Much appreciated

Marco Richman

email: [protected]

Broadcaster banned me after I tipped

I was watching a broadcaster on Chaturbate called Doll_Sophiax and she agreed to a private show for 1000 tokens. Then as soon as I send the tip she banned me! How can I get my tokens back?

About a model broadcasting herself wrongly

This model called (kristina_black) asked me to tip her 80 tokens to start a call with her then after I tipped her she kicked me out of the room right away.
And everytime I try to contact her with other account she keeps kicking me off the room.
Please send me the tokens back from her to (lewis6544) and report her she shouldn't be on the website thanks


I paid for several Cam 2 Cam solo shows only to find out she was sharing my shows with guy on stripchat I paid for solo not someone else her name is Aizhan Baiterekova or byebyekitty yes I know her real name she also scammed me out of several thousands on your site to get money is what she told me. Her work address is Belarusian 16st floor 5 room 13 Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 720001 she gave that to me also. To come visit I am working on that money now. But I am trying for this amount. I would like to get every dime i spent on her in room and on C2C since they were not C2C. I have talked with Stripchat they are aware of this. Please help me. I am a 57 yo disabled veteran that flew from phx to JFK to Moscow to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan only to be drugged and put in hospital my trip was suppose to be from dec 11th through jan 8th because of the drug she gave me no I dont speak Russian I fell hit my head got a concussion for 7 day was throwing up we to hospital they gave me shoe of phenergan to stop throwing up I was combat medic si I left next day cost me another 900 to change flight even for health to throwing up again in Bishkek airport got on plane went to Moscow stills sick a dr was called another of phenergan stopped now in JFK throwing up again land in phx throwing up we to my local va got CT XRay of chest and Headlast 2 were in Biskek hospital scary place. But then my primary care dr ordered a mri warning on results for damages. Can you help this old vet with PTSD please

Timothy Steffen Sr
1523 w Carol Ave
Mesa Az 85202

  • Updated by Timothy Steffen · Jan 18, 2020

    I paid for several cam to cam with this person when I found out she was also broadcasting on stripchat now when I pay for solo show that means solo right? I would like every bit of money that I spent on her because she is dishonest and a scammer. She should not be aloud to continue.
    I am.
    Timothy Arlan Steffen Sr
    1523 W Carol Ave
    Mesa, Arizona 85202
    (480) 363-5666

being harassed

Date: January 15, 2020.
_tittiesofdoom, who came back as, revengetitties, asked how much it was for a private message. I gave them the token range and they tipped two tokens (the range was 5-10). They then proceeded to tip 23 and say that they were going to report me for lying, even though in the beginning they didn't tip enough. They then proceeded to be continuously rude. Saying that my token range for a pm was "[censored]" and continuing to harass me over how I was doing my live stream. I then kicked them because they were being rude and they came back as the second name listed above and proceeded to continue the harassment. I also kicked/banned them as well. I'm just here to report them. I think it is highly unfair for a user to treat a streamer this way. That is all, thank you.


I am complaining about a video that is being displayed all models monitor when I enter The there Room I think it's when I just enter the site I have not given any permission for anybody to use any of my videos and also I'm pretty sure that you are being taken from my hard drive without my my say. This is starting to affect my life I am being humiliated and disrespected I would like something done heard this before I take it any further

model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.

I went in this models room and interacted with the chat ( room was dead) I chatted with the model and long story short I tipped over 1, 000 tokens and etc her time menu states 999 tokens for lush control which I never received but that's okay because i let it go because I'm her mod at the time. But I'm just writing to say this model is very insincere and very unprofessional and I think that the model should be penalized or receive some sort of punishment. For unprofessionalism yes you have the freedom to unmod me it is your room but to act in the manner she has is disrespectful. She un added me from a snap that I paid for etc all because I could not tip once. If the model is not penalized I'm not sure but would it be possible for a refund of tokens due to all the things I paid for being taken back? The models name is ( _andrestarr_ ). If there's anything that can be done please let me know if not... at least I tried hopefully she doesn't get anymore people to do this kind of thing to.

model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.
model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.
model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.
model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.
model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.
model unmoderated me & bans me from room because I was not able to tip her.

scammer/ banned without reason

Model Name: Champaigncork

Date and time: 01/12/2020 at 4:00am

I was in a private with this model and I asked her if she was part of a studio and she said yes she was, so I asked how much for extra girls to come on cam with her and she said 100 tokens each so i paid here 300 tokens for 3 more girls. without any warning she banned my account from her room. I thought, initially, it was a mistake so i logged out and hopped on an alt account on the same site and i explained that it was the people she banned just a couple minutes ago. WITHOUT any warning again she silenced me and banned that account as well. I spent $40-$50 on her and her only, and now im pissed!! I would like a full refund of my money i sent her because I liked her before maybe 5-6 months ago and she like my company but now she scammed me!! She is very rude even to people who tip her and im not sure what happened but she has been hopping from one account to the next for at least a year or 2 and this is her most recent account. I need full refund of the money sent to her. I would be happy for partial refund just as long as this model does not receive any ill gotten gains. Thank you!


What to report a cam model and her users for being rude, bullying and over use of moderator power. They start by bullying other users and then either silence them or model bans users for no apparent reason. Model is cyanide_candys model name Megan. The user cannot even enjoy the room without being bullied or being rude by her moderators and fan club members.

unethical behavior

Model account name: BinkieBear. Date and time: 12/21/19 - around 11:00pm. I paid her 35 tokens for a song request, and she cut it off halfway through because she personally didn't like it. If someone PAYS MONEY to have a song played, then you're obligated to play it all the way through. I want those 35 tokens removed from her account and returned to mine.

complaint about the user associated with a fraudulent performer account molli_xiim

Hi there,

I wish to bring to your attention the actions of a user of your Chaturbate service, who has been using the site fraudulently. This user currently performs under two accounts (Molli_Xiim and Rokki_Z) on Chaturbate.

The performer Molli_Xiim lists her sex on Chaturbate as a Trans performer. However, she is Female. When other users in her chatroom ask her why she lists as a Trans performer, or tell her that she is not a Trans performer or tell her that she is a Female performer, she bans them from her room. From my observation, many such users were banned by Molli_Xiim from her chatroom in this way on 19 December 2019.

I have attached a screenshot of Molli_Xiim's chatroom from this date, showing an example of another user commenting on Molli_Xiim's fraudulent use of Chaturbate. Further photographic evidence of the sex status of Molli_Xiim as being Female instead of Trans can be seen at .

Molli_Xiim should be banned permanently from Chaturbate for providing false information in the creation of this account. She has broken clause 4(g)(ii) of the Chaturbate Terms & Conditions Agreement:

4 (g) You will not post any message, picture or recording, or use the Service in any way that:
(ii) Is fraudulent or otherwise constitutes unlawful conduct in connection with your use of the Service, or violates any law.

Molli_Xiim lists her account as Trans, but she is Female. This is "fraudulent" behaviour, as described by clause 4(g)(ii) above.

This performer has another Chaturbate account, also performing under the name Rokki_Z, where she lists her sex as Female. I have also attached a screenshot of Rokki_Z's chatroom, so that her identity as the owner of both accounts can be verified. Again, further photographic evidence of Rokki_Z's identity, in order that the same user can be identified as performing under both accounts (Molli_Xiim and Rokki_Z), which are currently listed under different sexes, can be seen at .

According to clause 19 of the Chaturbate Terms & Conditions Agreement, both accounts for this user (Molli_Xiim and Rokki_Z) should be banned permanently from Chaturbate, as the user who created both of these accounts has provided false and misleading information to Chaturbate, in direct and flagrant contravention of the site's Terms & Conditions Agreement:

19 Termination of Access to the Service. We may, in our sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the Service at any time, with or without notice, for any reason or no reason at all, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise illegal activity may be grounds for termination of your access to all or part of the Service at our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to refer any such activity to any appropriate law enforcement agencies.

As shown above, the user who performs under the accounts Molli_Xiim and Rokki_Z has been proven to be fraudulent in her dealings with Chaturbate. Hence, both of these accounts and the creator of these accounts should be banned permanently from the Chaturbate service, as she is flagrantly breaking the Terms & Conditions Agreement of the site, and in the process she is abusing the goodwill of other users of the site.

I would appreciate your immediate and urgent action in relation to this matter, to prevent ill-will from being generated amongst other users of the Chaturbate community who interact with this user in either of her accounts.


Incognito Vindictae

complaint about the user associated with a fraudulent performer account molli_xiim