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Wendy’s reviews & complaints

Wendy’s complaints 1182

Wendy’s - $1.00 Bisquit issue

purchase 11/30 21 store #[protected] client #3070
I bought 6 $1.00 biscuits. I was charged $1.00 for 5 and $2.99 for 1
I called, they apologized and said to come in. They would refund the difference
When I went in the Manager said there was a 5 item limit. I walked him out to the BIG poster in window. I took a pic which I can't get to upload. But I am guessing all Wendy's have them
He agreed there is nothing on it that says any limit.
He did show me an internal print out that said there was a 5 item limit.
I asked him how a customer was supposed to know. Had I known I would have bought 3 and then another 3.
Frankly he didn't care that there was no way a customer could know and he said he could not refund me the difference. His name was JR. Not very customer friendly
I would like a refund sent to me.
I would like a refund

Desired outcome: refund mailed to me

Wendy’s - Drive Thru employees

Me and my husband went to Wendy's 32967 Michigan Ave in Westland Michigan on Michigan Ave to the drive thru and got poor service. The drive thru employee would not allow us to complete our order. She kept cutting us off and seem to have an attitude. Then another employee chimed in and he started to cut us off also. I will never ever come to his Wendy's nor would I recommend anyone to ever come to this location. Very poor service. I ended up going to Burger King instead. This is not the first time I have experienced this type of attitude at this location, mainly on the night shift. I believe that they need to attend monthly or quarterly customer service training classes

Desired outcome: I would like for someone to contact me to discuss in detail of my complaint. 313-354-6383

I do not work for Wendy's I am just a random person on this site like everyone else. But just so you know you posted your phone number on this site for everyone to see. This is a general complaint site, not a site for Wendy's site. So basically everyone who reads your complaint(both normal and insane) has access to your phone number. In turn, they can do some research and have access to more information about you, including your first and last name, which both start with R, (unless you are using a different last name on this profile)your age (53) as of June as well as your Email address, ect, And any other states you lived in.

Wendy’s - $5 Big Bag, Burger, Nuggets Fries & Drink (3 of them)

Went to the drive-thru at the new Wendy's on Chas Seivers Blvd in Clinton TN. Ordered 3 meals which they jammed into one small bag. Before I was able to carry it into my house, the bag ripped and my product ended up on the ground along with the drinks (I tried catching the bag before it ripped & fell). The drink tray tipped and 3 drinks ended up on the floor. They should have stronger bags or the person preparing the order should have put it into 3 bags. I am out a few meals but they've lost a customer for life. See photos in the garbage can

Desired outcome: Fix it

Terrible packaging, terrible product treatment

Wendy’s - Chili soup

Two times in the last three weeks, the store on Elida Rd, Lima, Ohio did not have the soup at noon. The first time it was 11:45 AM and today it was 12:00 noon. Both times they were rude in there answer. I'm sure there are other businesses places that will appreciate my business. I don't understand why if you are going to sell chili that it is not ready at lunch time.

Wendy’s - Service

12/03/2021 TO: District Manager of; WENDY'S KENNEDY TOWNSHIP #2371 1705 PINEHOLLOW RD MCKEES ROCKS, PA 15136 This is my 2nd attempt to contact an upper-level management officer that is a...

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Wendy’s - Manager

My 16 year old daughter works at your 4860 W 120th ave, westminster CO location. She is harrassed and called "[censored]" on a regular basis by one manager Angie Santanos. Ms. Santanos has spit in her...

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Wendy’s - Unethical behaviour

I live in Burlington, Ontario Canada. I went to a job site in Genesee, AB. I stayed in a hotel in Stony Plain. I went to Wendy's restaurant # [protected] and wanted to eat inside. The girl at the counter wanted to see my vaccination certificate. I told her that I was fully vaccinated and showed my vaccination certificate. She asked me my QR code. I said I belonged to Ontario and their vaccination certificate does not have a QR code. She said that I can not eat inside if I did not have a QR code. The hotel and the job site did not have any issue with my vaccination certificate, in spite of them being in AB, then why Wendy's. I had my take out meals and ate that in my car. I have read since all provinces in Canada do not provide QR code, QR code is mandatory only for AB residents in AB. The address of the restaurant:
Wendy's Restaurant # [protected]
St. Mathews Ave, AB T7X3B2
Phone # [protected]
Name of the girl : Gerdy

My name: Ravi Dhar
My phone # [protected]
My email address: [protected]@hotmail.com

Desired outcome: I should have been allowed to eat inside the restaurant. The girls were not knowing the rule.

Wendy’s - Service and rudeness of your employees

Visited your restaurant off 71S at exit 165, was never given a receipt, @420p. Ordered single combo minus onion, large size, baked potatoe and chive, junior bacon cheeseburger w/ mustard and pickles. The potato was old ( have pics) no large on the combo, when we asked the kid in lite blue sweatshirt rudely said nope you got small. Then turned his back again to us. Laughing with another employee. The junior cheeseburger, no mustard, one pickle. Old bun on both burgers. I understand lack of employees, but with the ones you do have, properly train them, especially if working the drive thru. Not be rude and a smartass when asking about their order, then laugh with another employee. Have some kind of integrity within one's self. But I guess when you have lack of respect for yourself, you can't put that forward to other people!

Desired outcome: Talk with the lack of the employees you do have and have better approach when dealing with customers.

Wendy’s - Apple Pecan Salad

Ordered above referenced salad today at the Wendy's at Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Paid cash. No receipt. Then upon receiving the salad (I have learned to always check the bag or there may often be an issue), only thing on the salad was lettuce and chicken. Really?? There was dressing and pecans in a separate pkg. I advised the employee at the window the salad was far from complete. I get the salad back, with the cheese, cranberries added. When I get home there were no apples!!! Again, really. Such awful customer service!! Nov 23, 2021 at approx 4:30 pm. Who would have thought I would have had to return the salad two times to get it right? [protected]@columbus.rr.com. [protected]. Barb Holbrook

Desired outcome: How about a coupon for a free salad at least.

Wendy’s - Service

My elderly father went thru a drive thru to be told twice to wait, cars went around him without placing an order. He went to the window and was told again to wait he told the young lady why he had...

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Wendy’s - Overly salty fries

Before I ordered my food I specifically asked for fries that aren't overly salty because the food is for a child. Also before I ordered I specifically said can I get fries that aren't so damn salty...

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Wendy’s - Chili

I went to the 10926 Culebra rd, San Antonio on 19 Oct ‘21. I ordered a Baconator combo and a large chili. The sandwich was dry and not much flavor. The chili was only 2/3 full for the first thing. 2nd, the meat looked as if it was a frozen burger that was broken apart for the chili. There were many large chunks and they were flat and somewhat hard. And the taste of those chunks were like paste! The rest of the chili had a little taste. I could not finish it, I had to throw it away.

The service was pretty good! We go there often, because it's close to home and my wife likes the nuggets.

Desired outcome: 1st, ensure everyone get what they paid for, a full container. 2nd, the chili meat,especially, needs to improve. The texture and flavor. This is not just for me but for the next customer and many more to come.

Wendy’s - Food and seevice

The Wendy's in Welch Wv is one of the worse I have ever been too. Service is a joke and order is wrong 8 out of 10 times. Your new French fries are supposed to be crispy and hot we'll theirs are soggy and cold. Live too far from it to take them back so I have to deal with it. Please send someone there to fix the problems. This place will shut down soon due to lack of quality service and food.

Wendy’s - Policy preventing walk in orders, and coupons not accepted for online orders

Policy preventing any walk in orders, and coupons not accepted for online orders. This is literally the only fast food joint that still has dining room closed, won't accept walkin orders, and online order won't accept coupon. They should open the dining room for walkin orders and are not living up to the expectations of loyal patrons pushing them away to other venues like whataburger. Quite literally the dumbest policy ever and not willing to provide satisfactory alternatives.

Desired outcome: They should open the dining room for walkin orders and are not living up to the expectations of loyal patrons pushing them away to other venues like whataburger.

Wendy’s - Wrong Order and Very bad customer service

I went to the Wendy's in Philadelphia, PA on cottman ave 19149. The cashier got my order wrong and slammed the window and rolled her eyes when I told her I asked for a son of the baconator meal and not the regular bacanator. I also asked for a chocolate milk, she told me there weren't any and the other cashier said yes there is and threw it at me. I recieved cold fries and just a regular burger not a baconator. I also ordered a 4 for 4 and did not get my drink. I was very angry and frustrated that I didn't even go back for the drink in fear that they might do something spiteful to it.

Wendy’s - Coupons

Complained on Wendys on line survey, Requested call back and none received

Called the number [protected] After three times of circling all the numbers and then having Wendys hang up. Not one time through the system but 3 times.

Went to web site and filled out form but Wendys would not recognize their own store by city or number from their receipt. Form was rejected and not sent


Desired outcome: Would Like to Talk to some one from Wendys corporate

Wendy’s - Chili

So, first off let me say I absolutely love Wendy's Chili. Normally, it is very good, and I would not complain about it. Well, twice now I have ordered chili at the rivertown parkway and canal avenue location in Grandville, MI, and have been dissapointed. First time was back in August of this year. The chili was burnt and had no liquid left in it. I ate a few bites, and threw it out. I thought maybe it was just a fluke or bad batch or something. Today 11/12/21, my wife and I got chili again. I was looking forward to it. Well, same thing. No liquid in the chili at all. Just a clump of overcooked, burned tasting meat and veggies all stuck together. I tried to eat it, but couldn't. I guess this location just throws chili in a pot and doesn't pay attention to it or anything all day. Just putting it out there, don't order chili at this location.

Desired outcome: Hope someone calls them or goes there to correct the proble.

Wendy’s - Fries

Wendy's have been advertising their 'new' hot and crispy fries. My husband and I went to visit my In-Laws in Ohio. We stopped at an Ohio Wendy's on our down. I have to say the fries were NEITHER of what they advertised. The fries were cold and limp, the exact opposite of what they are promoting.

We stopped at a different Wendy's location in Ohio on our way back. The fries were 'warm' but still limp and could tell they were not fresh and were sitting under a light to keep warm.

It think if Wendy's is promoting a new item then they need to DELIVER what they are advertising.

Desired outcome: Need to deliver what they advertise

Wendy’s - Lack of options for your breakfast

I traveled all over the southern states with my work, and had meals at all major restaurants, for 20 over years, you are tops on burgers, and your senior specials are great, I eat 3 times a day at one of your restaurants, your salad prices are way to high, and entirely too big for older people to eat, you need a simple small garden salad, that can be eaten with a meal, the last two baked potato"s I had were only half baked, my job for years was finding and solving problems with products, you need to fix your breakfast and fast, what you have given your people to work with is killing them at breakfast time! No one can touch you on burgers, cold desert, nuggets, chicken and your new fries, your only asset at breakfast is your breakfast sandwich, kids won"t eat it, so I hope you can and will fix these problems, mcdonald"s is killing you at breakfast time," fix the problem "

Desired outcome: let"s see you you can listen and learn

Wendy’s - Hot French fries fell on to my lap and legs

I visited our Wendy's yesterday. I was at the drive thru and was handed a bag with hot French fries and chicken nuggets. The bag was not sealed correctly at the bottom and everything fell through the bag and on to my lap. The lady at the window clearly seen that the fries were very hot and burning me through my pants on my lap and legs. I had to jump up off my seat and was picking up the hot French fries from my lap! She just stood there and said "let me get you more fries". When clearly I need a bag to throw the hot fries and chicken nuggets in! I had to ask for a bag. When I got home clear across town my legs were still red, not deep burns but red from the hot French fries. I called Wendy and they made me go all the way back to take pictures and write a statement. No one has called me to check on me or anything. All I was offered was a free small frosty. They didn't even offer to reimburse me for my order

Desired outcome: Reimbursement, something for my pain, loss of food and loss of time having to drive across town to go back to the store

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