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Wendy’s Complaints & Reviews

Wendy’s — Frosty - chocolate

When did y'all change the frosty formula. I had been craving one for some time now. My husband and I stopped in Carnesville, Ga. to get one today. This is not like it used to be. The taste and consistency isn't even the same. Anyone can get chocolate ice cream and blend it like the...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 16, 2019

Wendy’s — service

Wendy’sI was in the mall with my son and I let him use my card to order food and the young lady tried to say my card went through I should her my statement from my app and she refused to admit she was wrong. She went to the back and started yelling to her coworkers in Spanish and the next thing I...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 13, 2019

Wendy’s — my final wendy's experience

So im really not the kind of person to make a complaint on a fast food restaurant, but im so let down by this experience I just wanted to bring it to your attention. This specific wendys is closest to my house, I work late and I typically appreciate the fact that they stay open late. I...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 11, 2019

Wendy’s — customer service

I wanted a value meal but for the burger to have only ketchup, nothing more, the attendent natalie couldnt do that, because she said I was special ordering my burger, but I was allowing you to keep all the condiments except ketchup, but I was so frustrated with er english and not being...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 03, 2019

Wendy’s — food

Wendy’sWe went out of our way to go to Wendy's, traveling from TN to MO. There was a Bobby pin found in daughters burger. We received the Wrong drinks and our sodas were literally just Cups full of ice. We went through the drive through and were traveling, so we couldn't go back. Also, we got...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 03, 2019

Wendy’s — service

My adult son and I stopped to get something to eat at the Wendy's in Oneida, N.Y on 11/2/2019 at about 2:45 pm. He ordered a burger & fries to go. I ordered a frosty after his order, I got my frosty and after standing there for 20 mins my son sees the 2 orders ahead of him are...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 02, 2019

Wendy’s — locking doors too early

The inside of Wendy's closes at 11pm but when my family went to dine after Halloween the doors were locked at 10pm. This is the second time this has happened. The outside line was too long so you lost our business. Every time I go to this location the employees are rude and not...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 31, 2019

Wendy’s — spicy chicken wrap

i ordered the spicy chicken wrap 4 for 4 and my spicy chicken wrap had a bone in it. completely disgusted. usually everytime i order from this wendys it's a issue. one time the lady forgot my bacon fries and gave me regular but still charged for me the bacon fries. but okay maybe a...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 26, 2019

Wendy’s — drive thru service

I went through about 8:50 pm on 10/25/19. I was the only car there and they said they would be with me in a minute, but never came back. Finally went to the pick up window to see everyone just standing around, including a member of management. I asked them if anyone was working and one of...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 25, 2019

Wendy’s — food

I went to the Wendy's on Temple in city of pomona today on my lunch around noon and I am very disappointed on the quality of the food given to me! I been up since 6am and starving to get this old tasting hard burger I couldn't even eat, I feel I should be reimbursed or offered another...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 25, 2019

Wendy’s — the entire store

On October 23, 2019 myself and husband along with another couple visited Wendy's at Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida. This store had the rudest employee I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with at the cash register. She did not even offer us a receipt and had no name badge...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 24, 2019

Wendy’s — food/customer service

It was around 1:30 am when I pulled to the drive thru, ordered my food, paid for it, and had to wait literally 7 mins to pull ahead after the car in front of me. When I pulled up a guy comes to the window and asked what my order was so I told him and I could hear him telling someone that...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Oct 16, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — door was locked at 9:55 pm

I pulled up to the restaurant at 9:55pm and the door was locked so I had to go through the drive through. There were 3 vehicles in front of me. I only wanted a large drink. At this time the food truck was there and the back door was open so I could see all the employees. I waited for about...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 29, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — the drive thru service

Tonight I just went through drive thru @ approximately 10:25 pm and the service was awful. I placed an order for 6 piece nugget and side salad. Quoted a price of $4.30. Ok o drive to window she quotes a price of 7.20 I persist to tell her I that's not my order with attitude she ask what I...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — service

Hi, I received extremely poor service from the male English speaking drive-thru order taker on September 20, 2019 at 7:40pm. I was with my children and husband and I respectfully ordered my meal and to the point, as I was in a rush, I remained friendly and approachable. The man wa...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 20, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — today night they are not working

I went with my wife at night is 9:21 pm day 19 september you can check the cameras I wait on the dry trough for 10 minutes and dis not go I decide to go inside they were all fighting not serving to anyboddy and the worst service ever seen in my life please how ever read this message please...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 19, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — customer service

When asked to fix my sandwich, I overheard the sandwich maker they call her san I guess call me a fat [censored] to her coworker.. I spoke with the manager on duty (lakeisha) and she said she will handle it I guess send her home for the day and call her boss but I still want to complain to...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 16, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — customer service

I went to the drive through Aug 31st 2019 around 11pm or so. I had ordered 3 Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers off The value menu. The total on the screen and the lady who took the order said it was $7 something when we pulled up to the window the lady tried to say it was $10 something total when...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Sep 02, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — spicy jalapeno bacon cheese burger

After being enticed by your TV add, I ordered this sandwich for &7.35 plus $0.35 for extra Jalapenos to go. Upon opening it up and seeing a soggy bun, no other toppings but a couple of limp onion rings and 3 tiny jalapeno slices, I was very dissapointed and would have gone back to get my...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Aug 12, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — staffing issues at lunch time, multiple locations

I am inquiring why it seem that so many Wendy's locations, regardless of the franchise status, are unwilling to open more than one register at peak hours? I use several locations in the Maryland/Virginia area and every time I enter around noon or so there is one cashier taking orders for a...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Aug 12, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — service

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's CompanyI just want to say i'm am very disappointed and have never filed a complaint ever like this on any good site. I just sat in line at this wendy's for 1 1/2 hours and they were serving customers literally one order, one by one, at a time. After waiting I figured maybe they're making fresh...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Aug 11, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — service

I visited your store #[protected] (370 S US Highway 45., Lindenhurst IL) during my lunch break. The plan was to spend some time with my son while we ate. Unfortunately due to the bad management of that store the personnel not being ready it took over 10mts to get two lousy chicken meals ready. By...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Aug 01, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — compliance with location requirement in ada (americans with disabilities act)

The Wendy's at 424 Schmale Carole Stream does not conform to the parking requirements of the ADA. Further the handicap parking is unsafe for the handicap. The handicap parking is in a remote part of the lot where the paving is degraded and requires a long walk across an area which is the...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 31, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — whole order

First I will start saying your my favorite fast food place to eat. Go at least 2 times a week. This week was unbelievable. Possible I may have gotten someone elses order but did not help me when already back at desk and no time to return. looked in bag. saw sandwich, fries and had my...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 30, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — employee

The little blonde girl working drive thru was very rude and impatient. I thank her name is Lacey, she was very rude to me bc I ask for ketchup n she keep rushing my order. This girl don't deserve a job in public, I want ever eat at this Wendy's again I will drive 30 extra min to get good...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 25, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — service

I went here with my 3 children for lunch.. My son was ordering his food (he was a little quiet/shy) and the lady proceeded to make a comment claiming she is tired of these rude ass kids nowadays.. She then walked away from the counter while my daughter was trying to order so I told my kid...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 24, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — food

After the first bite of my burger, I noticed something strange. It was as hard as a hockey puck and my fries were extremely soggy with barely any salt. I am very disappointed with the lack of care that went into making both burgers and fries. Expecting my money back considering the fact I...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 17, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — sandwich

First the service was absolutely horrible. Very rude employees and managers. None of my food was fresh like I asked and didn't get what I ordered. Asked for jr bacon cheeseburger. There was no bacon on the burger. Fries and nuggets tasted old. Chicken sandwiches were ok except the lettuce...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 15, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — plain chicken sandwich

I always order a plain grilled chicken sandwich and get creamy sriracha sauce. I went today, paid for my sandwich and when I asked for sauce they said it was and extra .30 cents. 1. I don't carry cash so I would have had to wait until the current customer was done paying and then execute a...

2 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 15, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — employee rights

It's simple. I have been upfront about the schedule I can work with since I was hired on. ( 7:00-3:00 )The district manager asked for some help during the evenings so I did what I could and made it possible for me to work 2days out of the week during the evenings. I've been on a consistent...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 15, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — food received

I went to this Wendy's location in louisville Ky 40216 on 7/10/2019 @ 1040pm.I had ordered 2 #6s and One of the sandwiches I recieved was way over cooked.Hard as a rock.Also recieved a sweet tea with food at the bottom of my drink.Very disappointed I. The service at this location.Will also...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 11, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — my food

I hate to complain about my wendys in Newport my again but here's my story as a child wendys is the first restaurant I ever ate at andas a mother is is my 3 kids favorite hamburger joint and now as a grandma my grand kids favorite unbelievable I know lol we just love wendys ok once a week...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jul 05, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — the workers

This is for the Wendy's in Kalamazoo Michigan on sprinkle road I'm just trying to figure out if an employee quites or get fired why are they being hired back I'm guessing this is a family run business or they're just playing favoritism in hiring back people that they are friends with or...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jun 28, 2019

Wendy’s — hours

I am a current employee at Wendy's and the manger on duty, Ms.Jerraka told me and another employee to clock off because they didn't have enough money to pay all of us and business was slow, and that we are the newest ones so that's why they chose us. I am just wondering if...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Jun 13, 2019

Wendy's — drive thru employee

I went through drive thru this afternoon and had the most horrible experience. The guy screamed "wait" in a loud and rude tone, then after 10 minutes I beeped the horn and he yell back "wait", in an even louder tone. I commented how unprofessional and rude he is and he replied...

1 comments Restaurants & Bars  · Jun 08, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — no customer service pine bluff, arkansas pines mall location

My husband and I dropped in. We ordered drinks with our meals. I stood at the ice machine with no results. I mentioned to Chris I might be doing it wrong. An employee taking a break on our side of the counter told me the ice maker wasn't working that we could ask for ice behind the...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Jun 08, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — food, manager

I ordered a biggie bag, my fries was old, my burger was cold, they didn't have the correct drink as usual and the manager had a nasty attitude. I'm always experiencing the same situation. I called a made a complaint the first time and nothing was done. She needs to be removed...

Fast Food Restaurants  · May 21, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — spicy chicken sandwich #6 on menu

Few hours after eating that meal I had severe diarrhea and stomach pain. I'm a breastfeeding mother. The next day the daycare told me my 5 month old had very lose bowels. Today she's running a fever and has mucousy stools. I called the store manager and reported that today. I had the...

Fast Food Restaurants  · May 17, 2019

Wendy’s — service

Monday afternoon around 6pm a young black Female working at the front register was getting into an altercation with one of her co-workers being very rude using foul language in front of customers as if we weren't there, it was Very unprofessional of her. It came to the point I did not...

Fast Food Restaurants  · May 07, 2019

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company — no drive thru service

I tried to get food tonight but the person inside was not answering the drive thru intercom. They also did not acknowledge me when I knocked on the drive thru window. There was at least one worker inside. It was 11:05pm and the drive thru is ssupposed to be open till 1:00am. There was at...

Fast Food Restaurants  · Apr 30, 2019