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Viking River Cruises Complaints & Reviews

Viking River Cruises / fees charged

Marygene on Sep 24, 2017
I booked a Viking Cruise almost a year in advance on the Romantic Danube trip. Three weeks prior to our Sept 1 departure, my travel companion had to cancel due to a serious fall resulting in a broken shoulder. Since I decided to go on the trip anyway, Viking charged me the now solo traveler...

Viking River Cruises / christmas in germany 12/22 - 12/29/17

ejandrj on Sep 3, 2017
Hello, I purchased the Christmas in Germany Viking trip for four in January, 2017. This will be our third Viking trip. We are planning our fourth trip for July, 2018 on the Danube Waltz. Up to this point, we LOVED Viking river cruises. BTW, I am 58 and retired and my wife and I are...

Viking River Cruises / mekong river cruise

Mjw7254 on Sep 3, 2017
One of the excursions in Cambodia is to the Kampong Cham orphanage. I question if this is a real orphanage at all. They ask you to buy items the orphans had made themselves. The paintings have the real artists name whitened out, then signed by a student. The purses and bags are made...

Viking River Cruises / lack of customer service by any reasonable standard

G. JerryD on Aug 7, 2017
We are very disappointed in the Viking customer service policy. We are booked on the upcoming “In the Wake of the Vikings” cruise (booking # 4474807). This will be our 4th cruise with Viking – 5th if you count the one we had to cancel on short notice in January. When we booked this trip back...

Viking River Cruises / customer loyalty consideration

Karen R Bryant on Jul 29, 2017
I am posting this complaint as a result of Viking's uncompromising and insensitive response to a recent escalation to customer service. My husband, other family members and I have been on a total of FIVE Viking European River Cruises. Based on our past positive travel experiences, we...

Viking River Cruises / lack of respect and follow up

robert mcnevin on Jul 29, 2017
we booked a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest July 2017. Our cruise started with the ship Lif, very nice people and food Quiet ship no noise or vibration. Now after about 5 days the river is low and we must move via bus to the ship Aigers. Understandable BUT HERE is the kick in the...

Viking River Cruises / three card monty exercize in trying to book a danube waltz river cruise

Ermanno Petocchi on Jul 27, 2017
We received a travel brochure from Viking River Cruises on july7th and after looking it over we decided on a late April Danube Waltz river cruise. The brochure, on page 21, listed for April 2018 a two for one price of $2849 for a veranda B suite . We decided today on July 27th that we would...

Viking River Cruises / travel docs

KColorado86 on Jul 21, 2017
This is my second complaint for viking. After reaceiving our flight information close to 30 days late. I called to update our address the customer service rep assured me after 45 mins that it was update. They weren't. And our travel docs got delivered to our old address. I will have to say...

Viking River Cruises / did not have a flight when arriving at the airport.

MEGHILL15 on Jul 13, 2017
My wife and I are currently on a bus shuttle from Paris airport - to another Paris (cdg). We were given our paper in our room with a flight which I do have with me still. We arrived at the airport to find out it was incorrect information. Now we are having to run around to make it home...

Viking River Cruises / air services

KColorado86 on Jul 4, 2017
All over Vikings website states that you will receive Your booked flights no later than 75 days out. The rest of my party that was true. We are now close to 50 days out and still have not received our flights. I have called weekly with still no resolution or explination. So I can only...

Viking River Cruises / don't buy viking's travel insurance: trip mate

Leon Rosenberg on Jun 25, 2017
We paid for Viking's Amsterdam to Basel trip (Booking number 4227928), including travel insurance with their partner Trip Mate. We were to depart April 20th. In March our son was told he needed heart surgery, and that it is scheduled for April 20th. We had more than 30 days notice, so...

Viking River Cruises / upcoming trip 4419896

lperry on Jun 14, 2017
We just received notice that the excursion we had REALLY been looking forward to has been cancelled..."Day in the Beaujolais". There was no explanation of why this was cancelled. Is there a plan to replace this excursion with something similar? For now, we are booked into the included excursion...

Viking River Cruises / misinformation and poor customer service

traveler3 on Jun 9, 2017
We are booked on Passage to Eastern Europe in November and have been attempting to add the pre-tour extension to Transylvania. We have been told it is sold out, even though we were told first that it would not be bookable until last January, then never informed when it did open for...

Viking River Cruises / flight arrangements for group

MaryNR on Apr 20, 2017
Booked 6 cabins - Prague to Paris July 2017 This is our 3rd Viking river Cruise, and our 1st using their flight service. Ten of us received our flight arrangements and they came through with Lufthansa. I spoke to our travel agent and explained that I had been reviewing flights and that...

Viking River Cruises / ignoring written request to delete from all mailings

Doro Walkovits on Apr 8, 2017
Six months ago I requested to be removed from any and all mailings due to disability and reduction of refuse materials I have to deal with. I sent copies of shipping pages and all pertinent information. Since that time the deluge started and now the quantity doubled. STOP MAILINGS...

Viking River Cruises / viking river cruise - changing cruise due to medical reason

PdrKar on Mar 24, 2017
My parents purchased a Viking river cruise to leave in April 2017 booking # 4408979. My mother had to have EMERGENCY surgery yesterday which lasted 7 1/2 hours. Her doctors informed her that she absolutely cannot travel, especially out of the country, and they would be happy to provide...

Viking River Cruises / viking insurance

fredtvl on Feb 22, 2017
I am the owner of a travel agency for over 30 years. We book with Viking Cruises often. These clients are loyal customers of Viking. They were booked on the Viking Star #4223057 sailing 11/7/16. They paid us a total of 7446.00 including cost of insurance by check (to save the 3%). We paid...

Viking River Cruises / disappearing loyalty program

Kejee on Jan 14, 2017
I just booked my 8th river cruise with Viking and was very disappointed to find out they have discontinued their "Past Guest Travel Credit". What incentives do their loyal repeat customers now have to continue booking with them other than the cocktail reception for Explorer Society...

Viking River Cruises / airline ticketing and more

Claire Uchida Hirata on Jan 4, 2017
I have been a fan of Viking River Cruises until now. Three friends (Nancy Stegon, Sue Sheppard, and Helen Glenn) and I are traveling to Portugal this April and our airline reservations are ridiculous! We are on three flights coming and going which means a loss of time in Portugal. We have...

Viking River Cruises / don't get sick on viking!

Whittletree on Dec 11, 2016
My husband and I were recently aboard the Viking Skirnir for the Grand European Tour beginning September 26 and ending October 10. This was our “Swan Song, ” because due to our age, we knew we couldn’t take another trip like this. When we arrived in Vienna, my husband became suddenly and...

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