Car Nation Auto Buyerssold my car

J Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

Ok . When I saw the add from carnation auto buyers, I call. A gentleman call Joseph answer the phone politely and told me to take my vehicle so they can give it a value.
And Just like that, me and my wife, went to carnation auto buyers. The secretary call Mr Joseph.(manager) then hi call call his son the (owner of this company mr joe) (what-he said. )Then he Took us to the office. We sat down in front of Mr Joseph (the manager) meanwhile they told each other this is a great deal.
Mr joseph the manager told us.
Your car value in the market is $$ We can put the car in our website to be sold for $$ we will give you $$ and a diferance extra paid by the buyer if there is any will be $$. Split Half for you half for us. We said we agreed.
Then he call his son Mr joe (the owner as he said) ok we got it they are going to leaVe the car. Then. Mr Joseph (the manager) came to us. This time we notice that he change, and got a bit nervous, with papers to sing (the contract) and told us ok. Sing this papers and you are set to go.
We notice that he started to do everything in a rushing way. Mr Joseph Did not want us to read this contract and told us. The car is going to stay here you will give us the title. And we will pay you this amount$$ for the car. Anything extra will be split in 2 ways half four you and half for us. Nothing alse. You will pay.
The his son mr joe came to the office to finalize the contract he explained the same his father did .
We ask him around how much we will have to put from our packets if we have to? He said maybe about 1500 no more than that. . We were ok we can handle it. Then we agreed.
We left the car. WAited a few weeks. And They call us. Car was sold.
Instead of around 1500. We end up paying them Almost 3400 they came up with extra fees that were not told to us from the beginning...
For my experience.
If you have a car and you want to sell it best bet is to put a sing on the window and wAit until you sell it. Thisplace is a scam they won't do what they tell you like they did to us. Again this is my bad experience with carnation auto buyers. For sure I won't recommend this place to anybody.


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