Aldoclothing.comaccusing me of stealing from them

A Sep 15, 2018

Hi my name is adrianna brown and yesterday I visited one of your storesat westfarms mall in west hartford ct and one of ur employees accussed me of stealing jelwery from their store and my complaint is that ur employees harrassat me by following me into urban outfitters store asking me where did I put the earings and a ring at??? Then she asked did u misplaced the jelwery when it comes to me if I pick something up I tend to put it anywhere bc I would forget to put things back were they belong so but besides the point but one of ur employees talk to me in a calm voice in urban outfitters but as soon as me and one of ur employees went back into the ALDo clothing store she asked to open my purse and I took everything out my purse and no jelwery was in my purse the only jelwery that was in my purse was costume jelwery from hot topic that I purchased. Before I even went to ur AlDo clothing store so ur other cashier asked me for my ID and I showed her and thats when both of ur employees was cussing and disrespecting me and threating saying if u dont pay for the jelwery u stole from our store were calling security and ur going to go to jail for stealing so after that they asked were was the jelwery at it was right near the sandles and shades section right in front of the 30% sale sign instead of checking were the jelwery was at they both accussed me for no reason after that they banned me from the store so if I walked pass the store or come in the store with my family or friends their geting me arrested for no reason as soon as I left the store I walked into hollister and one of ur employees followed me into hollister clothing store and I was scheduled for 4:00pm for my job interview with the hiring manager and when I was checking in with the store manager Tory the same employee interupted my conversation about he was going to interview me and the same employee that harrassat me at urban outfitters told the store manager of hollister that I stole from aldo clothing store and I was about to attack ur employee like u harrassed me from urban outfitters to aldo clothing store to hollister and probably cost me getting hired on the spot at hollister

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