Albuquerque VAhealthcare and service

Aug 17, 2018

I am a veteran and I live in New Mexico. I have been told on several occasions that the hospital could not see me for like 3 months. Yesterday I was told I couldn't see a therapist for 6 months. The parking situation is ridiculous. There is only ground level parking, they sent money on solar pannels and you have to park 200 yards away in the dirt sometimes. Most of us have physical disabilities. The doctors talk you out of treatment you need because it saves their bottom line. I have 2 bulgeling dics, a cyst in my neck and severe tpsd. I fought for our country and we get the worst healthcare in the country. If your wondering why so many vets are homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol. Well cause the help isn't there for us. We need the poeple to stand up and speak for us.

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