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Affairs Rentals: STAY AWAY!!!

I would like to throw this complaint out into the virtual world in hopes that those of you who read it will be able to avoid dealing with this company. This summer my wife and I got married in our backyard and arranged to have Affair Rentals set up our tables, chairs and tent. We found their services through the referral of our caterer (who has used them for years and trusts them) however we had no end of problems with them and found them to be very unprofessional in everything that they did. Here's a quick sample of some of the difficulties that we faced:

1. Tent was set up in the wrong spot
2. Rain gutter on tent was set up wrong and water was dripping into the tent.
3. Various materials were "forgotten" including the proper amount of lights and the side walls.
4. While waiting for the forgotten items the installers decided it would be a good idea to crash in the backyard and eat lunch and have some smokes, leaving their cigarette buts and garbage behind for us to clean up.
5. During take down Installers damaged the some of the gardens (tramples flowers, broken solar lights etc. in our backyard and left broken lightbulbs and garbage on our patio
6. In response to the numerous forgotten items we were told that the items would be re-delivered, however the installers never showed up. This happened three separate times and when we called we were told that they weren't coming because we "weren't on the list" and that they would come the next day. We had three separate "guarantees" of arrival times and each time no-one showed up. (this happened up until the day before our wedding)
6. On the first business day after the wedding we called to see when the installers would be coming for take down. The response from the receptionist was "sometime today" We left our house for 1.5 hours to do some shopping, during which time the installers came to take down the tent, but because we were not home and there was a motorcycle in the driveway they left without performing the take down. When we arrived home we found a very nasty and unprofessional phone message from the receptionist about why we weren't waiting at home for the installers and that they would come back "when it was convenient for them".

Finally, the most frustrating part in dealing with this company was when all of this was said and done I spoke with the manager trying to explain our frustration with what had happened. He told me that he needed to look into it on his end and that he would contact me once he had a better understanding of the situation. I waited for his call for three weeks and finally called him at which time he needed me to "remind him" of who I was and what had happened. I did my best to speak to him in a professional manner and his only response was that he didn't think anything was done wrong on their part. No compensation was offered the tremendous stress and inconvenience that his companies actions had caused and the best he could say was "I think you've said your piece." The fact that the so-called manager of this company didn't care enough even to call me back says a lot about how they feel about their customers.

I strongly recommend that anyone looking to rent a tent or tables or ANYTHING for any type of gathering stay away from this company. They are very disorganized, unprofessional and in the end they don't give a crap about what you're trying to plan. They just want to get paid...and cashing our cheque was pretty much the only thing this company did on time!

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    Affair Rentals Nov 01, 2008

    Dear Mr. Lennie,

    As one of the largest event rental companies in the Canadian marketplace, providing high caliber support to more than 8, 500 events annually, we are disappointed to find that you were not satisfied with the services provided for your function, nor with the response already provided to you over the course of several conversations with our representatives in the days leading up to and following your function.
    For the benefit of consumers who may come across this post and be given a less than favourable impression of our company and services, in the spirit of open discourse we would like to once again go through the stated issues that you have listed in your posting and address each in turn. We of course invite your feedback on our comments here, as we do with all of our clients, and hope that this written response will address your outstanding concerns.

    1. The location selected to erect the two tents (guest tent and catering tent) was provided to our installation team upon arrival at site. No mention was made during the several hours of installation that the tents were not in the correct location. The next morning we were informed via phone that the tents needed to be moved because they were now considered to be in the wrong location. Due to the logistics of moving two tents that have already been erected and anchored to the ground, it was clearly explained to you at that time that short of sending out another team to remove the anchorage for both tents, which would incur additional costs due to the significant labour involved, the tents would have to remain in the location where we were told to install it the previous day.

    2. We are in agreement here. The 15’ rain gutter running between the catering tent and main tent was folded incorrectly on the day of the installation. We returned to put the finishing touches on the installation and repaired the issue with the rain gutter, a full day ahead of your function date and perfectly in line with our contracted time lines.

    3. Once again we are in agreement with this point. It is important to note that this is why we begin installations such as this a few days before the function date, providing us ample time to return to site with any omitted items or last minute additions. One of our reps brought and installed the additional lighting and the outstanding side walls at the same time we repaired the issue with the rain gutter.

    4. Yes, we are in complete agreement that the installers did take lunch during their waiting period while a necessary portion of the tent top was being delivered to them at site. We were contacted that afternoon and informed that they had been smoking cigarettes in your back yard without your consent and that they had left cigarette butts and sandwich wrapper on the property. We immediately apologized for our installation team having left refuse of any kind on the property and once again would like to extend our sincere apologies for this occurrence. The team who was at site was reprimanded for having done so.

    5. This information has not previously been brought to our attention. Please advise as to the extent of any damages to solar lights, replacement cost, etc. and we will of course take action to replace and/or repair them as needed.

    6. To clarify, when you state “…this happened up until the day before our wedding…” the installation was begun on Wednesday, after which we were contacted numerous times regarding a range of issues, all of which were dealt with as promptly and courteously as possible, with all outstanding and additional items delivered as contracted by end of day Friday, the day prior to the function. Again, we anticipate that from time to time issues may arise that require correction/adjustment and this is the reason we begin the installation days before the function date.

    7. We are once again in agreement that the tents were scheduled to be removed on the Monday. Omitted from your statement, although discussed with you previously, is the fact that when the team arrived as scheduled on the Monday to remove the tents they found that all of the tables, chairs, dishware, glassware, linens, etc. were still set up under the tents in a state of disarray, making the removal of the tents impossible. It is the responsibility of the client (or caterer at the request of the client) to collect these items following a function and package them in the shipping containers provided; a responsibility which is clarified on our FAQ brochure, our website and also on the copy of the delivery paperwork that was provided upon delivery of the rental items. We returned the following day to remove the tents, providing ample time for the rental goods to be appropriately prepared.

    With regard to your closing statements, as it is our interest to come to and understanding with our clients, we are of the hopeful opinion that these unwarranted disparaging remarks were written hastily and that you are not actually attempting to destroy our business or professional reputation, as appears to be the case upon reading your post.
    Although more than six weeks have elapsed since this post was written, we have only now just become aware of it and had an opportunity to respond. We trust the responses above directly and openly address your concerns and invite you to contact us to discuss any issues you may have.


    Affair Rentals

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    Toronto events Jun 11, 2016

    I agree- Affair rentals did our wedding recently and added additional items into our invoice that we didn't agree to on the floor plan and then charged us for it. We trusted that the items we went over with them was what was included. Stay away from this company!!

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