Nurolservices / products not rendered


We contacted Nurol to purchase a POS for a customer of ours. We spoke with Daniel Westbrook and advised him we had no experience in this industry and needed assistance from start to finish. We gave him the specs on the equipment our customer needed. Paid The $10, 000 for the equipment and install. Daniel Westbrook assured us the equipment would be programed and our customer would be fully trained and using their credit card equipment in no time. This was in June of 2013
July Daniel Westbrook confirmed equipment had been set up and customer was trained and using equipment. Mid july we were contacted by our customer stating the equipment had been sitting there and never used and where it took so long he found a alternate solution and would no longer be needing the services.
I contacted Daniel Westbrook and he stated he could go back out there and fix it for another $1800
I stated that was not fair and requested a refund. He stated there was no refund policy. I stated we purchased software paid for training and installation to get the equipment fully operating and those services were not rendered. In his words it is what it is good luck.
We were completely ripped off by this person/company and are left with a $10, 000 bill, our equipment is sitting in box's and can not use them. Do not trust this company / Person!


A Very unsatisfied ripped off customer.

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