IntervalFOOL ME ONCE..........


Interval is a rip off. When I am forced to bank my week with this exchange company I begin to shake. First after weeding through all of the so called available exchanges listed in their book, you must try to coincide your desired week with something available. Submitting a search for the desired exchange is like playing russian roulette...then just try to even think about airfare. You can't do one without the other. Many of their timeshare units are run down and the good ones are mostly usable in the off season and bad climates of the location. Then there is their exchange fee. $149.00 for every booking and cancellation. I originally booked a week that I could not use and cancelled. They told me I had to use this week before January 15, 2012. I then spent days perusing their website trying every which way from Sunday to make something possibly work without staying in a run down dump 30 miles from the nearest city or staying in the caribbean during hurricane season. I found a spot I thought was decent and choose it and then the clock said 18 minutes before you loose reservation. I booked it. Now, unfortunately, several weeks later, I am unable to go at that time. This being July 11th and having through January 15, 2013, to use the week, I called to cancel and reserve something else. Well, they told me NO GO. Not only did I lose my $149.00, twice...I lost the week. They don't allow you to cancel twice. I will not use them again. FOOL ME ONCE... I don't go for this type of rip off. They made $300.00 by changing the reservation. Can you imaging if a hotel did this? NEVER AGAIN...All of the unwanted garbage is listed in this timeshare service. GOOD LUCK.

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