Al Madina Hypermarket Complaints & Reviews

Al Madina Hypermarket / jenan eggs

Sep 11, 2019

Al Madina HypermarketHello, We bought jenan omega 3 large 30 eggs day before yesterday from Al madina hypermarket day before yesterday at Muhaisnah-4. Please find attached invoice. Next day when we boiled We were shocked to see eggs blackened out.Again same thing today hence raised concerns over quality. Have...

Al Madina Hypermarket / service

Jan 17, 2019

I called this morning at 815 am to order white bread yaumi, I checked the time at 9am still the bread did not come, then I am really upset with the staff because I went to the supermarket at 915 it's only at the back of our building no customer there's enough staff, no one informed me...

Al Madina Hypermarket / hp deskjet 1112

Dec 30, 2018

Al Madina HypermarketI got only 5 print after purchase 110 AED when I send it to your team member he said that only you can get 5 print after that you need to purchase the extra cartridge, when I told him that at least I can get 100 pages if I purchase it from any other store he said that bring that printer...

Al Madina Hypermarket LLC / cashier

Apr 06, 2018

Al Madina Hypermarket LLCtoday I made a purcahse of 85.75 aed in the al madina hypermarket in sharjah back of mubarak centre and cashier returned a balance or only 14 aed and he didnt return me 25 fills. every time I do any purchase in cashier a small amount of money is being taken by the cashier and when I ask...

[Resolved] Wardat Al Madina Foodstuff / stealing of containers

Apr 15, 2017

Respected Complainers, in 2015, Wardat Al Madina Foodstuff Trading Dubai has taken Containers of oranges from us and refused to pay, also in 2017, he succeeded to fool us again and took 2 containers of coconut and 1 container of onion and again, this time we took Cheque from him but the...

Al watania 65-70g 30 egg / almost 80 % of egg found rotten in a tray of 30 eggs


Al watania 65-70g 30 eggAll most all the eggs found rotten which had sufficient time for expiry as per the printed date given on the top of the egg. Some 5 - 6 eggs were good, which clearly shows that it was mixed with expired eggs after changing the date stamp. The date printed on the top of the egg wa...

Shabab Al Madina Supermarket / abusing and delivering non ordered products


taking more advantage of phone orders... We came to this building as new and found this supermarket just down to our building, felt comfortable for orders... but time changes of our trust into fraudeness.. what we ordering in the phone not delivered and they provide as relevant to that...

Al Madina super market / no exchange


Al Madina supermarket at Abu shagara, sharjah is cheating people in case of electronics.Mobile brought was not given for exchange with in 24 hours even after producing the receipt. This is obsuletly ridiculous.