Westgate Resort Gatlinburgemployees/supervisors

We was doing the time share tour that was supposed to be 90 minutes that turned into 4.5 hours. The tour guide kept rubbing my husbands leg and shoulder, then even followed him to the bathroom. That just made my husband very uncomfortable. After about 2.5 hours we asked if we could wrap this up as I was not feeling very good at all and yet it continued on. Then after we told they guy we want instrested due to the price, just to let us know what we had to do to leave he called his supervisor over. When the supervisor Chris came over he still tried to force this on us and we still said no. That's when he looked at our paperwork and seen we had no kids and made the comment to us "so no kids yet, must be getting enough practice in or doing it wrong." Now we take this subject very seriously and sensitive due to a recent miscarriage and being told after we may never have kids again from this. So it passed us off I immediate started to yell at him about it and his response was "I was just joking and trying to break the ice." I'm sorry that's not something you do with a stranger or customer you shouldn't even do it at all. I even told him that. He then tried to say he didn't mean anything by this and continued to try and sell to us. I was then really irritated, at this point cursing and yelling. He then walked away and some lady walked up we told her everything and she was supposed to get a corporate number for us but never did they just got our paperwork and rushed us out. I guess since I was making a scene about one of their employees making sexual comments toward guest doesn't look good. But if I was an employee he would be in trouble for sexual harassment for this but as a guest I just get pushed out the door basically. We have always loved going to Gatlingburg for years and go 2-3times each year and after this we don't even want to come back to the town of people are starting to be this way. Only thing I have to say is westgate needs to do something to both of these employees and also make this up to us as it was very upsetting to bring this horrible memory back up again due to a incompetent employee who shouldn't work around customers.

May 29, 2018

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