OptumRx Customer Service

Optum Rx, Inc.

11000 Optum Circle
Eden Prairie
United States - 55344

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 788 4863(Customer Service & Home Delivery) 8 18
+1 877 889 5802(Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Members) 3 13
+1 877 889 6358(Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Members) 2 3
+1 800 711 4555(Prior Authorization (Physicians) 1 5
+1 866 218 5445(Specialty Pharmacy) 0 4
Mailing Address
PO Box 509075, San Diego, CA 92150-9075

OptumRx Complaints & Reviews

OptumRX — authorization & customer support

After 2hrs and 45 min on the phone today with countless amounts of people. I am no closer to a resolution than I wa...

Health & Life Insurance  · Jan 14, 2020

OptumRX — mail delivery for aarp medicare

What a nightmare this place is. You are on hold forever, no one speaks clear English and it seems no one has a clue what...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Jan 13, 2020

OptumRX — mail order for rx

1. OPtum rx sent notice in December re: my mother's RX for Ranitidine = can cause cancer. Stop taking. I called OPtum ...

Health & Life Insurance  · Jan 04, 2020

OptumRX — home delivery prescription

On Oct 29 I ordered a home prescription delivery. I called the same day and cancelled it because I didn't realize the...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Dec 18, 2019

OptumRX — Thyrogen

Hello, I am an employee (professor) at the University of Virginia and have had Thyroid Cancer. Because of the metastatic...

Health & Life Insurance  · Dec 17, 2019

OptumRX — prescription meds

WORST WORST WORST COMPANY I HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH! Where do I start, here are some thought that come to my mind, incompetence...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Dec 13, 2019

OptumRX — entire company

If I didn't have to deal with these idiots, I certainly would NOT! For over 2 years I had spent hours on the phone...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Dec 05, 2019

OptumRX — mail-order prescription

Telling me I had not met my deductible, when it clearly shows on their app and website I did. Type 1 diabetic - need...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Nov 14, 2019

OptumRX — overpricing, price-fixing

OptumRx Mail Order part of United Health Group. UHG is my prescription insurer, they set our policy to favor OptumRx...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Nov 14, 2019

OptumRX — refusal to fill my prescriptions

i went to see my primary dr today and he wrote me a prescription for a cough medicine that my pharmacist told me they...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Oct 21, 2019

OptumRX — prescription process

My husband is a type 1 diabetic and he requires to take an insulin. He uses penn needles in order to do that. I placed...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Sep 25, 2019

OptumRX — home prescription service

These people are going to kill some one, if they haven't already. They do not have a clue what they are doing, they order...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Sep 23, 2019

OptumRX — mail order medication.

On 9/4/19 I had the worst interaction with the team members of Optum RX. Card Id Due to my current health plan, I am...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Sep 05, 2019

OptumRX — optumrx

My husbands doctor ordered prescriptions from Optum Rx, he did not need these meds, sent them back and cancelled the...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Sep 04, 2019

OptumRX — prescription

My specialist submitted the necessary prescription for an Albuterol HFA (PROAIR) Inhaler. It was denied because they...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Aug 14, 2019

OptumRX — prescription insurance and mail order service

This company has got to be the worse I have ever dealt with. I've had to submit preauthorization 4 da in 3 weeks on med...

Health & Life Insurance  · Aug 07, 2019

OptumRX — home delivery pharmacy

OptumRx did not fill a prescription for me that was faxed to them on July 6, 2019. They also did not contact me about...

Health & Life Insurance  · Aug 06, 2019

OptumRX — stiolto refill and bad talk with agent

Never before has optum rx or xpress scripts put me thru this terrible timely conversation that was to check on status or...

Drug Stores  · Aug 06, 2019

OptumRX — prescription

This is the WORST company I have ever worked with. I will NEVER order anything from them again. It's not like you get...

Drug Stores  · Aug 06, 2019

OptumRX — prescription

I just had the worst experience with Optumrx's customer service team. I received a 30 day supply for Victoza on 7/15. I...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Aug 04, 2019

OptumRX — prescription medicine fulfillment

Just a miserable company to deal with. The only good thing is they provide a 90 day supply. BUT, that comes with a...

Drug Stores  · Jul 30, 2019

OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy — home delivery service

Information not disclosed to me that -- 1) a phone call is required for me to initiate delivery of medications: resulting in...

Health & Life Insurance  · Jul 29, 2019

OptumRX — rx medicine

To whom it may concern, I am sending this email to this site to complain about overpricing of home delivery medicine a...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Jul 27, 2019

OptumRX — optumrx mail order pharmacy

118 complaints, 0 resolutions. Guess that means no matter my opinion, YOUR COMPANY DOESN'T CARE about its customers and...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Jul 24, 2019

OptumRX — mail order auto refill blunder

Auto refill is good but when you auto send the prescription and auto deduct 131.00 off my debit card without notifying...

Unauthorized Charges  · Jul 23, 2019

OptumRX — complaint

Effective june1 I have had united health supplement insurance to my Medicare. Optimum, a subsidiary of United, is the...

OptumRX — lack of service

Several days before May 17, I ordered Lisinopril, a blood pressure medication. I called this morning to see when to...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Jun 22, 2019

OptumRX — rx delivery

On June 3 I placed an order for expedited delivery of an RX due to an unanticipated travel requirement that would had me...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Jun 10, 2019

OptumRX — hidden pricing

For 4 prescriptions "pricing information unavailable" online. I was shocked at the high prices when they sent me an...

Health & Life Insurance  · Jun 08, 2019

OptumRX — denial of medicine

Optumrx signed a contract with the state of alaska (alaskacare), to provide pharmacy services for state of alaska...

OptumRX — drug quality

Quality of the drug supplied by the OptumRx mail-in-order is substandard ( Amlodipine (Norvasc) manufactured outside the...

Drug Stores  · Jun 04, 2019

OptumRX — worst insurance company! prior authorization consistently denied or canceled

I was on a medication since, I was a teenager for years! I tried every available generic that gave me side effects or...

Health & Life Insurance  · Jun 03, 2019

OptumRX — mail order prescription

For over one month I have been waiting for a prescription for Ambien. On April 5 I was told the prescription from my...

Drug Stores  · May 14, 2019

OptumRX — pre authorization and overcharging for prescriptions

They keep denying a per authorization from my doctor and want to over charge me for a medication that I need to help not...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · May 09, 2019

OptumRX — optumrx mail order

I have been trying to get my prescription filled by your pharmacy for over 1 week. I am currently pregnant but need to...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Apr 25, 2019

Optum Pharmacy — unauthorized credit card charges/unauthorized orders

Optum contiues to make unauthorize credit card charges, and at the same time continues to send out medications that were...

Credit Cards  · Apr 23, 2019

OptumRX — mail order

I was just on the phone with a lady helper specialist she was so rude to me. I requested help with sighning into client...

Drug Stores  · Apr 21, 2019

OptumRX — their entire service

I hate this mail order pharmacy, always getting something wrong with my rx, don't warn you when your pharmacy won't...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Apr 19, 2019

OptumRX — home delivery

I've had to make 7 phone calls, wasting upwards of 6 hours of my time, trying to get these people to do their job. I wa...

Pharmaceutical Companies  · Apr 17, 2019

OptumRX — prescription fulfillment

OptumRx was selected by my employer to provide prescription drug order fulfillment. They just do not seem able to...

Drug Stores  · Apr 04, 2019