Wedding Star / Paying way too much for their mistake

1 United States

I purchased items online. Total was R186.13 ZAR. Order confirmation sent to my email address with the same amount. Paid via credit card. I was notified the next day that they upgraded their website and there was a mistake with the currency and prices on the website. I was given a new quote with a total of R1240.85 ZAR and asked to inform them of continuing with the order at that price. I checked my bank account and R1301 ZAR was already taken off of my account. I replied to them and said they need to cancel that transaction on my bank account. They did not. Lorraine Abbot sent a quote to me again, this time without any currency. I asked and she quoted me in AUS $. Again I asked her to cancel that transaction.

I am paying for their mistake they made and I am struggling to get my money back. I consider this as FRAUD!! Changing the amount after you paid for something and taking the money. I will never ever buy from them again and I would make sure no one I know does either.


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