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Hyundai reviews & complaints

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Hyundai - Buying a car

If anyone is reading this please forward this
I bought a brand new car at hyundai plumstead
The gave in and I only have it for 5 months
Car got towed in and I had to find my own way home and don't offer courtesy cars
There service is bad after my first service my car started giving electrical faults
Left me stranded brand new car!
I now have no way to work and no way to take my child to the hospital and paying off a brand new car with insurance that I don't have and car is faulty and messed up
Been giving clutch problems since day one when I took it they said there was nothing wrongwith the car no clutch problems and no electrical problems.. Luckily I had footage of all of it and sent it to them and they responded yes there is something wrong with the car

Desired outcome: I want a other car

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Hyundai - Unethical behavior

Purchased a 2022 (3k miles) car on 12/10, that same evening the engine light came up, I was told by the dealership to go directly to hyundai dealership since it was under warranty. I contact them, made an appt for a diagnose, and couldn't get us in until 12/29. They found a number of internal issue due to a collision I was told was minor/cosmetic. I contact the dealership, ariana motors and reported the findings, at first aj yous was willing to take responsibility since these finding were completely missed during their inspection or smog test since of the items were evap canister and fuel tank, he has been going back and forth, agreeing to fixing the problem, then going back on the agreement and now trying to hike up the return amount to everything possible, he get angry and hangs up the phone, I had to engage my ex to mediate and he has experience the same, back in forth without any solution.

Desired outcome: Fair resolutions

Jan 09, 2022

BBB would be happy to assist. Please go to to search for the BBB Business Profile for the applicable Ariana Motors location, and click on the link to File a Complaint. Thanks.

Hyundai - Warranty

Yes I have an Hyundai 130 which I purchased in 2014 it's only done 64000 kilometers and was due for a service 72000 in November 2019 but I couldn't book in at the time then COVID hit and we were in lockdown off and on for months I work in the health care service so it was pretty tough I finally was able to book in a service on the 23rd of December 2021 at 66000 kilometers but when I went to pick up my car it had $4000 of repairs which I thought for a car which had only done that many kilometers was extreme a new radio blocked cylinders a faulty air conditioner needed to be replaced etc
I have an extended warranty that runs out at the end of January 2022 which would cover the air con and cylinders but you are refusing to honor it because the service in 2019 wasn't done I thought you would have a bit of compassion about this can you let me know your thoughts next step I suppose will to see my chances with the ombudsman
Regards Jeanine

Desired outcome: To cover the items under warranty


Please look into this ASAP

Dec 09, 2021

Hyundai - Parts ordered 3 months ago still not received want to cancel will not and will not resend money back

I hade a service 3 months ago the fixed the fuel leek and said it alse needed more parts for the leek, but now as I told them the leek is gone after they serviced it they will not cancel the part...

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Dec 06, 2021

Hyundai - Car repair reimbursement

Took car in dealership on May 19 for oil leak and was told car would be fixed because it is covered under warranty. Got a call and was told so many repairs that needed to happen with my vehicle. To make a long story short the advisor tried to con me out of 3, 000 for repairs and has since been fired and the new advisor got my car fixed for only needing a gasket cover and seals on August 26 so my car was there for months. I consistenly rented cars to get around and filed claim with hyundai america to no prevail. Once my car was fixed I was told to send in the repairs which are covered under the warranty and my rental receipts for reimbursement. I have had multiple case workers and none seem to understand that I am out of so much money based off false repairs that were never needed. I have sent in repair orders showing I have paid for the repairs, warranty paperwork, and there is a paper trail of all the communication between me and hyundai and they are refusing to reimbursement. The last case manager I had was the absolute worse she kept making every excuse in the book to not reimburse me I just eventually disconnected the call with her. I am not even asking for all the money back I was told I would be reimbursed 30.00 a day for my rental if repairs are covered and it is in the warranty that they are. I am out of the repair money and the rental money. I will tell anybody DO NOT BUY FROM HYUNDAI UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCAMMED!

Desired outcome: Reimbursement

Hyundai - Bought and paid off my, lease on october 08, 2021. ~ never received title.

Paid off my lease of $16, 681.83 on october 08, 2021. I was told title was sent out october 11, 2021, never recieved the tile! Have spoken to many reps with no answers. On nov. 9th david j special...

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Hyundai - The entire Hyundai corporation

Left high and dry with a new motor that I paid 8, 000 dollars for and it's currently sitting in a Hyundai dealership . NO one is interested in honoring my pathetic 12 month or 12k warranty. I thought...

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Hyundai - Sonata

While driving down a busy highway my car died. After having it towed to the local service department I was told it would be two weeks. 8 weeks later it is still not fixed. They tell me every week that they don't have time to get to it. I have no choice but to leave it there because it's under warranty. I can no longer afford a rental and I am in jeopardy of losing my job. I just found out that there was a recall on the engine, why am I just now being told about it? I really think they are not fixing it because I am not paying for it to be fixed. They are not getting my money so they will just put me on hold for as long as they want to.. I was lied to when I was told i was buying a reliable car, jokes on me! I just dont understand stand how a company can get away with treating people like this.. this is not fair and is very wrong and no one cares! I am paying on a car I can't even drive.. wow!

Hyundai - Hyundai Venue petrol

Date of Incident date - 15 Nov 2021
Client Mob No - [protected].
Car Regd No - OD05AX3239
Full description - Clutch Master cylinder and sleeve cylinder defective.
No spare parts available in Binod Hyundai, NH 55, NALCO Nagar, Angul, Odisha, Pin - 759145. While I am travelling from Bhubaneswar to Angul, NALCO, at the near place of Angul town my car above model has defect. Then I deposit my vehicle Binod Hyundai, NH 55, NALCO Nagar, Angul, Odisha. Now I am travelling by Auto Rickshaw due to non available the spare part in the dealer till date

Desired outcome: you are requested to provide spare parts immediately.

Hyundai - Service and the vehicle that they fixed with a cable tie and they said I must just except it.

I bought a new Hyundai i20 1l turbo. Service is really bad at Hyundai Pinetown. I have a problem with the car. The dealer principal" fixed the car" with cable ties and told me that I can't drive that's why I having problems with the car.

The problem I having is the sender on the clutch pedal comes off. So the car got towed a couple of times in. So now they put a cable tie around it and send I am kicking it of with my big feet and I don't know how to drive. My Occupation is driving. When I asked the dealer principal if the the cable tie is a permanent fix. He told me there's no cable tie. But the photos tells different story. And the service I was getting after taking the car was shocking. This is just the tip of the ice burg.

I will never advice to buy a vehicle from these guys. This is just a short version of the shocking service I got.

Hyundai - 2020 Hyundai Venue battery never keeps charge

We bought a new off the showroom, a 2020 Hyundai Venue and since day one have had huge issues with the battery not keeping charge. The dealership and mechanics state that the car has to be driven often to keep the charge as the computers in the car run always and will drain the battery after 2 days.

it gets to be a hassle that after 2 days of being parked in my garage, that I have to call a tow company to boost my car. cannot even plan a trip away and leave the car at the airport as it would be dead when i got back.

The car has been checked out often but the mechanics say it is normal. NORMAL for a car for its battery to die after 2 days of not being driven. this car is 100% lemon.

I have always owned a Hyundai, but am loosing faith in the company with this lemon of a car. very sad that after a year will have to trade it in and loose on this car. very upsetting.

Hyundai - Recall appointment

I purchased my last five vehicles from Malloy's in Woodbridge Va. Wonderful service and customer care. Koons bought the dealership out. Had an issue with my vehicle took it to Koons to be resolved, I was told there was nothing wrong with it that everything checked out ok. the light for automatic stop keep coming on. It kept saying it had been disabled. After taking it back with photos to show I was still being told nothing was wrong. Took it to another dealership. Was asked why I brought the vehicle in IMMEDIUATELY I was told exactly what was wrong before the vehicle waas checked. The problem was taken care of. Last week I got a call from Koons that there is a recall on my vehicle. An appointment was made for today. vehicle was to be picked up and returned, This was comfirmed 3 times by Koons. Today I was told 2 days ago the policy was changes and they can not honor their word. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone.

Hyundai - Hyundai

Hi There,
I (Jayminkumar Patel) own Hyundai Elantra 2020.I just had recent repair at Hyundai Showroom. I drove to Hyundai showroom multiple times over last few months due to recall letter I received from Hyundai.They mentioned they fixed issue but still I continue getting difficulty every single day.I did not pay lot of money to see this day.I regret on my decision that I bought such a garbage car from Garbage company with ridiculous helpless staff.If you people cant fix issue then reimburse me my money as per current market value so at least I can get rid off from you people or get me new car.Today (Nov 4/2021) I was driving to 401 Highway and my car all of sudden stopped working.I was lucky enough that there was no car behind me if its there what would happen to me? Who would be responsible for my accident?

Desired outcome: Need reimbursement of current market value or need new replacement car


Hyundai - Poor customer service and wrong advice

Car registration BV53 ZP GP... Please help me... I send my car almost 3months ago to Hyundai dealership at centurion for major service and repairs, which one them was to fix my Gear 3 because it wa...

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Hyundai - Dealer in Benoni

Am Gloria Nyambi cell no [protected] I bought a car ix35 at Hyundai Benoni last year September it's been a year since I have been complaining cause the car was giving problems I have been given a run around and not assisted the car has problems in the engine the 125 point check was not done each time I take the car for service the is problems I have reported but I was never assisted am afraid to even use the car due to the problems it has I have been paying every month for a car that is not in gud condition the car has been involved in an accident the car has so much problems and Hyundai have refused to take responsibility the principal dealer is mandie.19 amphill str Benoni.[protected], [protected]

Desired outcome: Intervention that they sort out this car replace this car because they are aware of all the problems they have copies of previous problems

Hyundai - Discrimination at Rockford Illinois Dealership

My car was broken down and still under warranty, and the service department was nasty to me. The guys had the nerve to laugh in my face and treated me like crap every time I went there, and they wanted me to drive a broken-down vehicle that could explode because of the exhaust pipe. Then the owner of the establishment was laughing and thought it was funny. They are always looking at people of color like they dont belong in the establishment. Then every since my Hyundai Tuscon got to 68, 000 miles been having issues with it, and I just had it in not too long ago, and these people did nothing. I will never buy from Hyundai again.

Desired outcome: Nothing

Hyundai - Hyundai Tucson. Dealers, Mechanical issues with the dealers not providing the service they are charging for

I purchased this vehicle in February 2019 in March the car dealer was out of service (Nemet) I went to the car dealer on Green acres mall very bad customer service. They claimed they did perform services that was not true. I brought the vehicle for service, They placed on the work order I refused certain service that was not true.

I went to another dealer Called Star Hundai dealer LLC they are the worst of hem all. They charged me for so call 30 thousand miles service, within one week I had break pad issues along with break fluid flush not perform. They claimed to have checked my breaks which they did not. one week after servicing the vehicle I had to take the vehicle to another dealer in Queens to get what they did not do to be done over. I am been charge double. The dealer i initially purchase the vehicle from had me take a mechanical insurance which was not necessary. Because the vehicle has a manufacture warranty for 5 years and or 60 thousand miles. This insurance was costing me at least $2, 000.00 per year.

These are some of my complaints with this company Hundai. I need to know how to get back my money for services paid and not perform. I feels the dealers I have been dealing with are very dishonest, except for Koeppel which I just turned over my vehicle over to for service.

some one cal call me at [protected] or email me at [protected]

Frantz F Pierre
My home address is: 168-46 119th Avenue Jamaica, New York 11434

if you need any additional information please reach out to me.


Desired outcome: Refund the services paid for nad not received

Hyundai - Lost the key to my car!

I took my car in for service on October 5, 2021 and they have lost my key. This is totally unacceptable. Now I have no idea who has access to my car. My service was done at the Dover Delaware site. I have already put two complaints into the service department and the manager with no call backs or emails to resolve this issue.
If my keys is not found I want the locks changed on my car at Hyundai's expense since they are at fault.

Desired outcome: Key found asap or locks changed on my vehicle


Hyundai - 2017 hyundai sonata

I've purchased this vehicle at napelton Hyundai 2017 and the paint is coming out I did pay a good amount of money and is falling apart please have some one to get in touch with me to get this matter taking care of what kind of guarantee do this vehicles come with, I'm just a pissed off Custumer my e mail is [protected] [protected] or [protected]

Desired outcome: Just fix my car ,want to be able to finish paying for it . If the paint peeling would have been on the side's I would understand but it is the roof.

Hyundai - services/maintenance

Lavorgia Danley, [protected]

I have had two issues with Auffenburg Hyundai (1300 Central Park Dr, O Fallon, IL 62269) dealership regarding service maintenance for my 2021 Hyundai Palisade. I call prior to my service date to get my car service, each time we try to schedule, I am told I can /get a service date 3-5 days out. I express to them I am going to be over my mileage because I work in another state and have to drive daily. They tell me okay and then when I come in, I'm told I will have to pay for my maintenance become I am over my miles. This situation occurred again yesterday. My spouse and I called Thursday to make an appointment. After discussing several different days, mostly due to them, we agreed on Wednesday morning at 0900. We expressed to them because they were not able to get us in earlier we will our miles will be over. They said okay. My spouse and I brought the vehicle to the service department last night only to be met with "you don't have an appointment" I expressed to them, we called an spoke to a young lady and she told us our appointment would be tomorrow 9/15/21 at 0900. Next, when the serviceman looked into the computer, they told us we would have to pay because Hyundai is saying you are too far over your service miles. I was outraged, I told them it is not my fault that they do not have enough staff to get my vehicle service in the time/miles allotted. My spouse and I told them we paid for our services and should be able to get the services regardless because Hyundai is not refunding us for services that were not rendered. Needless to say, we left. We left and went to Nissan which is the brand of vehicle my family and I have had for years and never have had any issues with car services/mileage overage/repairs. I only came to purchased the Palisade because Nissan stopped making the Quest. However, after debacle #2, my spouse and I went over to Nissan with hope of trading in this vehicle. I am sad about our decision but I will not continue to be mishandled when it is clearly your staffs and/or policy.

Desired outcome: I want my vehicle service which is what I am paying for!

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