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Korea (South) - 03143

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HyundaiServicing department

Good day.
My name is Anastasia and I am terribly disappointed with hyundai.
On Saturday morning I took my car for its annual service at pinetown hyundai.
The personale I spoke told me they will call me back to fetch my car so I waited for hours. Around 2pm I tried calling to find out what was the delay but no one picked so I decided to get there myself when I arrived the workshop was closed I was in shock. I spoke to someone in the sales department they after awhile they realised
that the service dept forgot to call me to pick up my car and they had no idea where my car was at that very moment the sales peronale and myself went looking for it which created an inconvenience to me and totally irresponsible on the department I have very upset at this matter because the peronale I spoke to told me i will get a call back on Monday.
However around 10 am I did receive a call and I was busy at work and asked if I could get a call back in the next 5 minutes.
I did not get a call back.
There after I phoned hyundai head office and they told me hyundai pinetown will contact me the next day.
I have waited the entire day for this.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
I am furious and I do not understand how hyundai can treat their clients in this way.
I am very disappointed.
The customer services is absolutely poor.

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    HyundaiMy car being left in Alley for days after being towed there.

    My car was picked up on 2/17/21 and taken to Rogers Hyundai. We have called several times only to be told by Oscar that they had not had time to get to it yet. On Saturday, 2/20/21, I went to the dealership because I had some personal items that I needed to retrieve. When I got there my car was sitting in the alley of the dealership. Not in a lot, not on dealership property, but in the ALLEY with the doors unlocked. I went inside to ask why my car was in the alley and I was told I would have to call on Monday, no one there could help me or could give me an answer to my question. Today, Monday, my husband called and the car was still sitting in the Alley. When he asked why, he was told that the computers were down and they did not have time to get to it. When my husband asked how are they keeping track of the car since its in the ally, Oscar stated that they had not even checked the car in and that's why its in the alley. My husband then called Hyundai and they said the car should have been secured in the lot until it could have been addressed so we requested to move the car to somewhere that would be more vigilant in securing the car. They, Hyundai, called the tow service that originally picked up the car and is having it towed to Happy Hyundai but said that we should call Rogers and let them know the car was being picked up. When we called Rogers, they were very unprofessional and condescending. At first they didn't even know where the car was until we told them it was in the Alley! Then they said it was the tow trucks fought which makes no sense. I went there myself and I walked right up to the car, after the porter gave me the key, went right in and got what I needed. They said the tow truck buried it which was absolutely not true. If the car would have been secured in the lot as it should have been then no way it could have been buried because the lots had been plowed, I was there myself. This is a poor excuse for leaving my car in the extreme weather for days in an alley! To add insult to injury then they got upset when they were told the car was being taken to another Hyundai dealership and stated "Well they better be here before 5", really. The car has been in the alley unlocked for days, not even checked into the system and now they are making demands on time when its being removed from the Alley! I would appreciate a response to this issue. My original case number for the first tow is#[protected]

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      I' currently have a 2015 hyundai elantra with less than 107k inline in calgary alberta where it is cold. This last week we had very cold weather. I started hearing a noise from the engine. I do believe that it is a piston slap. Seeing all the lawsuits and class actions against this issue right now is terrifying as I just bought this car and have been having issues since I bought the car. I did purchase extended warranty but that is not the concern. I have had this vehicle for less then a year. Reading everything, I am wishing I never bought this car and wishing hyundai disclosed this information to me. I want this problem fixed as this is very serious and costly. Please get back to me right away.

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        HyundaiPurchase off lease with Title problems

        1. This is the 2nd Hyundai that we have leased.

        2. The one in question is a 2018 SONATA leased on 7/28/2018.

        3. I decided to use the purchase option in August 2020 with a check date Aug 26, 2020 for $13, 989.35.

        4. When I received the Title is did not have a lien release portion filled out so DMV Oklahoma changed the title to our name but left the lien holder as Hyundai Lease Titling Trust.

        5. The title OK DMV said all I needed was a statement from Hyundai on letterhead and notorized stating no lean is on the car.

        6. Since receiving I have called multiple times, with multiple tickets opened, the Finance Division of Hyundai. In all cases I have been told that a "form of NO Interest" will be notized and sent on 2018 Sonata.

        7. The last ticket was 1/5/2021 [protected] were I was told the form would be sent out in 3 to 4 business days.

        8. Also see tickets from 9/23/2020 and 11/25/2020.

        Paul Hawkins
        3105 N Madison Ct
        Stillwater OK 74075

        Vin 5NPE24AF9JH683332

        Cell [protected]

        This has gone on much to long. I have tried the Finance Lease and Title Groups multiple times. Have tried to talk with Customer Service that was no help. Called the original dealer in Las Vegas and even today asked a dealer in OKC to assist. All like good solders have said talk to the Finance Group that continues to not follow through.

        Had a new twist today. I am 76 and a manager in a OKC dealership offered to help by letting my trade my car on a new vehicle. Said they have the knowhow to get the lien release on the title. And he thought he was doing me a good deed.

        Paul Hawkins

        Purchase off lease with Title problems

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          HyundaiService Dept

          Last month I took my car back to Hyundai Pinetown to complain about my air filter box being broken and NOT being told about it during my last service with them. The manger on duty simply dismissed it and said it wasn't them. He didn't come to the car and have a look at the damage. This morning (23/01/2021) I took my car in for a service only to be called back in about an hours time to go and pick it up because my service plan wasn't going to pay for the service. My mileage was too far over the limit. Thank goodness for Tracey who checked on the system and explained everything to me. My complaint is that YESTERDAY the female individual who called me took my I'd number and also checked and said that the service plan would pay. Why are people who are so undedicated and irresponsible and not knowledgeable still employed to call customers and misinform them. I'm NOW sitting with a car that's NOT serviced because I didn't arrange to have cash on hand because I was misinformed and mislead by 1 of ure employees. This is the 2nd time the Pinetown branch is giving me poor attendance to matters that are of utmost importance to me. I urge that the service department be jacked up and filled with MORE dedicated people like Tracey.

          Service Dept
          Service Dept

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            HyundaiCancellation and deposit refund

            I wanted to buy a vehicle from Hyundai Umhlanga about 2 weeks back however upon seeing the car I was truly unhappy and did tell the guy I was dealing with I was unhappy with the offer ( Ashley ).
            He told me that after a year I can come and do a trade in for what I like.
            Then as the day went by, I decided that I didn't want that deal and contacted Ashley that very night he did advise me he is no longer working for them and for me to go to the dealer the very next morning, which I did around 8am and spoke to Deon which is the manager of the dealership and explained to him that I'm not happy with the deal and I want to cancel as I haven't taken delivery of the vehicle. And I would like my deposit back.
            Deon did try to give me other deals according to that budget on what the finance was approved on and was also willing to give me a cash back if I took the ford.
            But I was still not happy as he also insulted me saying that according to my affordability you don't expect me to get you a SUV exact (words), and that I can't get my deposit back I would need to go to court for that.
            I had to contact the MFC and stop payment, ( Deon didn't want to assist me with that either and told me it's too late the deal has gone through ).
            I spoke to Zahera Hoosain and enlighten her about the situation and told he to stop payment which she confirmed payment was not done on her side as yet and later on sent her an email to cancel the finance which I copied Quinton Dry ( Dealer Principal )on as well.
            When I asked to speak to someone higher than the manager, I was told that he was not in, and called a number of time and spoke to Nicolene which is the Dealership Principal PA I was told that he was off sick and then will be back that Friday.
            When Friday came, I called and was told he is still not in the office and will be on leave the following week. And then was given the Hyundai customer service number and when I asked for a email address for the dealer principal I was told they do not give out emails but later when I did a little more research myself, I noticed that the email addresses were advertised on the website for public.I did try speaking to Deon the manager but he told me it's out of his hands and I need to wait for the legal team to get back to me.

            I still didnt take delivery of the vehicle and Hyundai still dont want to cancel but MFC said yes I can cancel but they cant unless the dealership does.

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              Irwin HyundaiThe exterior paint and rust on elantra

              I had bought a New 2016 Hyundai Elantra from Irwin Hyundai located in Laconia, New Hampshire.. I have rust on the passenger side by the lower part of a fender well.. The car now has 28.000 miles on it, I was told that it is over the warranty limit.. I would have brought it to the dealer earlier but, with the pandemic going on it was possible.. I just had the 2nd oil change this year.. so that means 6, 000 miles minus I had the rust present.. your talking 22, 000 miles and rust on the car! I have been a hyundai owner previous, however I will never buy one again.. I can't believe that a a car with so little mileage is not covered... I even have an extended warranty.. Guess I'm the 1 that has to foot the bill.. I would tell anyone that unless you want a rust bucket don't buy a Hyundai.. I will be selling mine!

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                Hyundai SAHyundai i20

                In June 2017 I bought a new Hyundai i20 at George Hyundai.
                I recently started to see that the wheel rims are starting to get white spots on it. Some people told me it is alloy rust.

                I think this is bad kwality wheel rims and would like to know whether I have any claim for the repair of this rims.

                I sent a email to the branch manager at George as well as to Huyndai itself with no response.

                Hyundai i20
                Hyundai i20

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                  HyundaiElantra reliability and parts quality

                  I have purchased and driven Hyundai vehicles since before the year 2000. I were very satisfied with the various Hyundai vehicles that I purchased until the last Hyundai Elantra 1600 which I purchased in June 2015.

                  - The engine started making a noise from approximately 60, 000 km. Eventually the engine was replaced at 89, 000 km due to a faulty bearing being diagnosed. This after many months of being booked into the service venter over and over again causing great inconvenience.

                  - The pressure plate failed at around 60, 000 km and now again at around 125, 000 km. The vehicle were giving continuous clutch problems sine around 55, 000 km. The latest unplanned pressure plate replacement coming at a huge cost.

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                    Aug 24, 2020

                    Hyundai — 2019 santa fe

                    We purchased this car in January of 2019, shortly after our purchase (when we had 429km) we discovered that...

                    Jul 01, 2020

                    Hyundai — Motor finance

                    #[protected] I reached out to HMFUSA to get a deferment because of COVID. Not only was I diagnosed not once...

                    Jun 23, 2020

                    Hyundai — hmfusa

                    With my lease coming to an end, I visited my local Hyundai dealer on May 2, 2020. I traded in my lease and...

                    Mar 10, 2020

                    Hyundai — add on services

                    I purchased a car from Hyundai initially on January 31, 2020. They called me on February 1, 2020 saying they...

                    Feb 27, 2020

                    Hyundai Corporation — Body work,repair of interior rear door panels and replacement of rubber molding seals around doors.

                    My name is Hewlis Dillon. I purchased a certified used 2017 Hyundai Sante Fe SE UL Vin# KM8SN4HFXHU233006...

                    Feb 14, 2020

                    Hyundai Motor America — not the proper way to talk to customers / she's making it sound like customer is stupid for using google

                    [protected]@hmausa.com To: [protected]@att.net Feb 14 at 2:12 PM Good Afternoon, (I thought it would be slightly...

                    Feb 06, 2020

                    Terry Lee Hyundai — advertised prices are not what you get

                    Be very careful. The prices they advertise are not the prices you will get unless you give them your first...

                    Jan 31, 2020

                    Hyundai Corporation — 2018 hyundai tucson front brakes gone after 27k miles

                    I have owned Chevrolets for the past 40 years since I was gifted my first brand spanking new 1980 Chevy Monza...

                    Hyundai Motor Americasanta fe 2020 vin # 55nms33ad2lh167614

                    I leased a 2020 Santa Fe on 10/14/2019 the car brokedown on 10/31/2019 /Vin # 55NMS33AD2LH167614
                    Dealership deemed it not repairable, I was forced to turn it in and lease another vehicle. I was double charged for all the fees
                    and I am requesting a refund for all the fees paid for the SantaFe, and I should be compensated for all my inconveniance
                    and embarrassment.
                    I estimate a refund of approximately $2000.00 is owed to me.
                    My wife and I are 80 years old, and this was an extremely traumatic experiance.

                    Robert J. McHugh
                    8933 Bridgeport Bay Circle
                    Mount Dora FL 32757

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                      Jan 01, 2020

                      Hyundai Motor America — clock spring 934900-1w120 for a 2013 hyundai elantra gt

                      I have a 2013 Hynudai Elantra GT. The Clock Spring834900-1W120 malfunctioned, and I was charged $399.09 for...

                      Nov 20, 2019

                      Hyundai Motor America — customer service

                      Bate and switch experts, lies and liars. Leased vehicle was brought in for return, which had about 3K over...

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